Gadget Addiction Problems in Teens

Science has served the mankind with the innovative and technological contraptions the gadgets these days are a part of everyone’s life. From cell phones to television sets, from multimedia gaming units to simulators everything is a gadget in one form or the other and had brought the world inside one’s pocket.

The cell phones specially the smart-phones have played a revolutionary role in the life of people. On one hand the phone has become a necessity these days on the other it has everything at just a click away. Games, music, movies, networking, emails, internet and even calling, everything is just a matter of a few keys. Every second child is a gadget freak. The children these days are smarter than their parents, they do not indulge in social circles but social networking, they do not go out to play but have the play stations, they do not have friends but gadgets and most interestingly they do not have hobbies but, addiction.

Teenagers on the phone

Yes addiction, gadget addiction. The present generation of the teens is leading, more or less, a robotic life. They are the slaves to the electronic gadgets. Craving for a recharging of a dying battery is much more than that for food even after having skipped a meal. We look around to find sad faces of kids not being allowed to play video games or mobile games leave aside the modern I pads and I phones but the normal ones. And once they are allowed then no one happier than them can you imagine. Is this also a kind of gadget addiction? Yes.

Gadget addiction may lead to :

Obesity : putting on weight and lethargy is the most common symptom.
Lack of concentration: studies, games or even listening to voices around is affected. The children get so involved into games and

Aggression : Getting angry often, unacceptability of anything but for what their demand is.

Depression : Irritated behavior, conflicts with siblings and friends. Loneliness, feeling of being left out may lead to depression.

A disturbed routine : late nights and late mornings with weariness all day long.  A report reveals that people don’t even realize that their children are addicted to internet and gadgets.

Have you observed your child’s TV watching habits? Is it normal or does he know everything about the channel or the programs.

Have you observed how much time does your teenage son/ daughter spends in front of the computer? Have you ever tried to check what keeps him so busy is it only the games or movies or is it something that s/he is not supposed to see.

When did you last see your child going out to play with friends? Is your teenager mingling with people of his age? Does he like going outdoors or is he acting as a couch potato?

When did your child last attend a family get together with you wholeheartedly? Or did you find him sitting at the corner playing some clicking games on your handset?

If any of all the questions cited above confuses you with the answers, relook. Yes it’s alarming. Your child can be an addict, a gadget-addict.

Now that you know what should be your next step?

Restrict your child completely? Is this really possible? Your teenager children stay away from home with friends, for tuitions and at school can you snatch away the cell phone that you gifted last birthday?

Scold him or her on using the gadgets? Can you stop him using the computer or laptop; how will the school projects be done? Are they going to be dependent upon their besties for their homework every day?

Should you see a counselor? Are you trying to be over-reactive or is it really needed as the addiction need a treatment? Yes, this kind of addiction might be equally bad as the addiction of liquor or drugs and if you find the addiction chronic, even medical help should be sought.

Children with addiction to gadgets often become restless and twitchy. Lack of concentration and indifference towards studies, spending more time alone in front of TV or PC or lack of interest in activities are the common triggers to gadget addiction and the only way to control this is to get involved and limit time of using the gadget, if anything important needs longer duration, a parent should be involved simultaneously to keep a check.

Ways to curb the Gadget addiction :

Get involved : a child needs your time that is the best gift you can give to your teenage children. Involve in interesting conversations, discuss books, current affairs technology that interests them, be a listener.

Avoid giving the smart-phones with too many features : If phone is a necessity it must be just because of the calling options, so for communication purpose only, buy a simple handset instead of a smart phone with varied features.

Keep check in a friendly way , being too strict will adversely affect: if you stumble upon a content not suitable for his / her age explain, don’t scold.
Set the time limits: this is the best option to control and keep check use this wisely.

Finally stay positive, at no point should you lose temper or hope. It is just a matter of time there is nothing so big that cannot be achieved being parents I mean good parenting is never an easy task. Do not blame it on your child ever.

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  1. If something has destroyed Indian youth as much as it has helped them, it is the technology and its gadgets. Excess of everything is bad and this is where we have reached a point even beyond excess. On a hand, it is harming the physical health and deteriorating the mental status on the other. Anxiety, depression, aggression are the mental consequences while obesity and poor eating habits attack the health. It is high time when we need to prioritize the things in life!

  2. Hello,
    Great Information!
    As a parent, you would buy gadgets for your kids because you want your child to develop an aptitude towards technology. However, you should not replace all the playmates of your child such as puzzles, crayons, teddy bears and playtime with friends with apps, as there can be repercussions that are detrimental to child development. Hence, consider a gadget for your child only if you can balance a good exercise between technology and the real world of traditional games and fun.


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