Good Habits formed at Youth make all the Difference!

Youth is the period of our lives between twenty to thirty years. It is the period of our lives in which we have the maximum intelligence and energy after which the body begins to age. Aging means a more fragile body; a body that relies on the energy bank of the body, accumulated in youth and before. Therefore, if the intelligence is accompanied with the wisdom, would it not be better for a brighter and more sustained future?

Good Habits formed at youth make all the difference

Everyone wishes to inculcate good habits in their lives. However, most of us are not able to do so. What stops us from forming good habits?

  1. Poorly formed habits from childhood which make the formation of new habits extremely difficult.
  2. Lack of self-discipline and the motivation to keep up with altered habits.
  3. An imbalanced life whereby you do not get the time to work on certain helpful habits.
  4. A lack of awareness about the importance of good habits in life.
  5. A wrong attitude towards life which prevents you from taking the formation of good habits necessary.
  6. Priorities in life that again, make it difficult for you to take out the time for various other habits that could be helpful.
  7. Having experienced a difficult childhood due to which you indulge in harmful habits subconsciously such as binge eating and reckless driving.
  8. Leading an unhappy and dissatisfied life in which you involve yourself in unproductive habits such as taking alcohol and drugs as they seem to be an easier way out.
  9. Self-loathing because of unmet expectations and unaccomplished dreams. Self-loathing might cause you to deliberately do things that cause harm to you. This damages the situation further and it becomes harder and harder to come out of this vicious circle.

It is essential to know the importance of good habits and how implementing them could make a difference in your life. They make all the difference in your life in the following ways:-

  1. They enhance productivity– A disciplined life in which you are sleeping on time and for the right amount of hours is certainly a more productive than a life in which you are sleep-deprived and therefore lack the focus.
  2. They ensure longevity– Adhering to a healthy diet and exercising regularly ensures a longer and happier life. However, not eating the right kind of food and not paying attention to your health could definitely dent your ability to enjoy your life in the later years. It would also make you prone to various age-related illnesses.
  3. They improve self-esteem– A life in which you work on your fitness, improves your sense of worth and your confidence. You are more appreciated in the society; your inter-personal relations improve too as the way you interact with people changes.
  4. They help you in staying in control– Once you are aware of your habits and monitor their implementation, you feel more control over your life. You know where your life is going, consequently. You become the president of your life!
  5. They improve your happiness quotient– Knowing that you have adopted useful habits that have positive consequences, keeps you cheerful. It not only improves your happiness quotient but also keeps the overall outlook towards life positive. Such a positive outlook goes a long way in improving the quality of your life.

And finally, to quote Lao Tzu:

“Watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

So, what is stopping you from changing your destiny?



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