Benefits of a government active on social Media

With a no doubt, the internet can be claimed to be the invention of the millennium. An idea which connected you with the world in just a click must be credited for bringing the world closer. With new approaches and the reforms still in progress, the internet promise to makes the lives of the human race easier with each passing day.

Government Active on Social Media

Such is the outreach of this platform that even the politics is being played online these days. One can easily find the national and international leaders on the social media. In the present day, the governments are run with a considerable use of the social media. Now, what are the benefits of the government on the social media? Let us find out!

Faster solutions to the problems of the people

One of the reasons why we all need to appreciate a government on the social media! The latest government in India has displayed the right way how the government can ease out the lives of the people making the use of the social media. We all have seen how well the Railway Ministry, HRD ministry and many other ministries are just a tweet away from the reach of a common man. So yes, a government which is active on the social media is helping the ‘aam aadmi’ by providing the easier and faster solutions to their problems.

First-hand information and data collection

One of the complaints we all have is that the government records are not up to date. They have either expired or are primary data is not accurate! Why? Thank the geography and the population of the nation or blame the efficiency of the statistics! In this situation, the social media-friendly government can easily have the required first-hand information. It can be collected in a short span of time and is accurate to the point. Not only this, the data collection can be done in an efficient manner.

Online campaigns reach the people easily

One of the issues that we, the Indians, generally face is that we are left unaware of the policies of the government. The campaigns and the initiatives of the government never reach the people. Social media has connected the ministers and the government directly with the people. All you are required to do is to follow the activities of the government on the respective social media platforms. Within few seconds of their announcement, the campaigns and the initiatives of the government policies will reach you!


In a country like India where the geographical area is beyond reach at times, we need a medium as huge as the demography to reach even the last person in the country and maintain the transparency. In this case, the social media acts as a savior. I agree that we are unable to provide the internet to everyone as of now. At the same time, it can not be ignored that the transparency has improved and all the credits to the social media. Earlier, what was forgotten easily is now on the records for the public to see.The public memory may be short lived but the social media records never let one forget what their leaders stated and this promotes the credibility.


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