Has politics become a business in India?

Politics has been considered one of the finest alternate to serve the nation and your people. The prosperity and the progress of the country have always been relying on the type of the people who have been into this profession. The way a political leader thinks determines the policies and the plans any government is going to follow to enact its roadmap for a betterment of the country. The people dealing with the making of the policy inside the parliament are supposed to be making no benefit from the politics on a personal level.


However, this idea was never taken with equal compassion in India. Ever since the nation became independent and democracy uprooted with strengthening base on the grounds, progress happened but for the politicians only!

Being under the rule of the single party for the longest time in independent India, the power share seldom hit the underprivileged and the last person in the society. Unfortunately, the development of the clergymen was thought to be the development of the country. All the policies were constructed and executed to benefit the rich and suppress the poor.

The question here now is, has the Indian politics become a mode of oppression of poor to make illegal money and reduced to a mere business run by generations of the same family?

The politics have been considered the cream of the gold to digest the taxes via unfair means and loot the hard-earned money of the taxpayers. If we start counting the names of the ‘families’ in Indian politics, the numbers will be no less irrespective of any party and any government.

We all heard about the notorious scams ranging in from 2G, CWG, coal-gate, fodder scam and what not? These are just the mentions that caught the eye of the national media. If we turn to the states and start auditing the records of each department from education to municipal, health to police, none of them is free from the minor or major glitches. These glitches directly question the role of the minister or his relatives. The extent to which this is considered legal is that being in government directly means being rich in no time.

We cannot ignore the ‘deals’ being signed by the son, brother or direct relatives of the ministers and the transactions being carried out illegally in the name of getting the job done. This can be the bribes accepted from the businessmen, bureaucrats, the common man or anyone. It is quite saddening to see that the people we elect for settling our future turns out to be the one ruining it.

Correct me if I am wrong but a few exceptions apart, what is that factor that makes even a ward councillor getting his assets multiplied many times before he ends his tenure? Have you ever seen any minister, politician, MLA, MP or the elected representative in Indian who lacks any of the basic amenities which were not present otherwise?

Allow me a little space and let me mention the positive and the good things happening in the nation for many blindfolded elements will ignore them in the first go!

Have you not registered a little change on the grounds ever since India transferred its fate in the responsible hands of Narendra Modi? If you have not, you are requested to go and read about the ministers like Suresh Prabhu, Manohar Parrikar and people holding major posts in the same government.

Things have actually changed and will be more apparent soon! But we need to understand that it is a combined effort to make the best out of the country. Let us exercise our rights and choose the best in the interest of the nation than helping the pseudo politicians to secure the futures of their incapable children! Let us all unite and save Indian from the businessmen to transfer the power to common and efficient people.


  1. Played in name of the caste, religion, relations and illegal flow of money, the politics have been a medium to make the most of the money in India. With ages of the families being indulged in this con, it is also seeing the freshers who are nothing but the kins of the strong political leaders. There must be certain criteria that must be enacted to ensure that this must not take a might face of making the money.


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