How can Government Connect with Youth of India

It is no secret that there is a huge gap between the government and the youth. They both try to understand each other but fail, they are like next door neighbors, they have a love hate relationship. The government, however, has started making umpteen efforts to try to connect with the youth so that they could together put the country on the path of progress. The government with its new policies and unconventional way of working is trying its best to narrow down the communication gap between the citizens and itself.


Social Media – If you are trying to reach the youth the best way is to look on social media. There would barely be any time when the youth won’t respond to your calls and if there is something on your mind and you want to see how the youth reacts to that particular thing, take to social media. The trends will show the exact reaction, and if you are someone special you may get blogs and articles in reply within a day.

Communication – The best way to connect with the youth is to talk to them, you tell them what is on your mind and ask them what is on their’s. They are always open to discussions and sharing ideas. They’re often the storehouse of new unconventional ideas which could help the government in getting a view of the modern India. They would also love to help the government in making the nation better in whatever way they can.

By visiting colleges more often – Visiting colleges will give one a broad picture of where the youth of today is. Having this picture could help the government in establishing a bond with the youth. The youth hasn’t been approached like this before and they would be overwhelmed by this and will pour their hearts out. The youth would have a lot of suggestions to give to the government and if the communication is clear, then the government will be able to share its stand with the youth too.

Citizens’ opinion should be taken into considering – The citizens should be asked before a drastic step like imposing a ban is taken. Even now the citizens would like to know what made the government take such a step and why the government thinks those things are so inappropriate, because the basic aim of banning certain things like porn has totally failed.

The programs – Government should be resourceful and try to start programs to interact with the youth. The youth should be also pushed to participate in these programs and this could serve as a platform for a healthy discussion between the government and the youth. These programs could have a set agenda for every session, and over various sessions a lot of topics could be covered.

The youth may be the most misunderstood part of the population, but it is also the most intellectual and intuitive. They always look at the bigger picture and the nation’s future is completely in their hands. At this time, it will be great for the nation if the government and the youth come together to frame the policies which are lucrative for the country’s growth. The country would also gain a lot from the collaboration of the best workers and the best leaders. New ideas and innovation clubbed with responsible and well thought strategies will bring prosperity and a revolution in the country and the youth will also get automatically pushed to take over the functioning of the country from the already established leaders.


  1. No government is of a use if it fails to connect with the young minds. Since we are the future of this country, the policies must be framed in a manner that supports us and our well being. For this, the government needs to connect with us. How? Social media is one of the most effective I medium see in this process. Including this, any online portal where we can brainstorm and give effective ideas will also be helpful.


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