How can the power of youth be used optimally ?

Often regarded as the storehouse of energy and talent, the younger generation, has proved that they are far more superior and capable than the older generations of the nation. The problem, however, remains that the country is unable to put this power and talent to proper use. The older generation definitely has the skill but the younger generation adds the flavor to their work by making use of their talent as well and to be able to save this talent from going waste we need to think of a solution to this problem. The nation cannot afford to lose such great potential.

Power of youth

Collaboration – The best way to use the power of the youth is to collaborate it with the experience of the older generation. Once both the generations work together, India will be unbeatable because the combination of skills and talent is often invincible. The older people however will have to be a little patient with the youth because they will take time to learn the trick of the trade and the younger generation will have to understand that whatever the older generation tells them, is in their best interest.

Vocational training – The youth may be a storehouse of talent, but that talent is totally raw and one needs to shape it, one needs to provide training to the youth who is absolutely clueless as to how and when to use their talent to make the best possible use of it. The country needs to invest some time in training its best minds so that the desired results are obtained with ease.

Talent + Skill – The problem so far is that one gets a job only according to his/her qualification and not according to the interest. So when a person works, they lack the passion and the enthusiasm, the country needs to put in place a system which makes the best use of a person’s skill as well as talent. The people should be happy and content while working only then they will give their 100 percent and the country will be able to benefit from their hard work.

Giving them the responsibility – As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. We cannot dismiss the youth saying they are incapable of taking care of things because sooner or later they will have to do it anyway. Also, when they are given a responsibility, they feel good about themselves and try to live up to the expectations. The youth is appreciation hungry, give them what they need and they will give exactly what you want.

Independence – Most of the youth is unable to perform because of the pressure they are put under. Pressure often cripples a man’s mind and makes him/her mechanical, thus, taking away the essence of a thing away. Let the youth experiment and go ahead and win the race. They have an incredible thinking process and they will foster only in an environment which is created by themselves. Give the youth the independence to work in their own way and they will come out shining.

It can also be said that the country was somehow not prepared for this explosion of talent. The youth has always been underestimated and that is why now when the power is there, the country is unable to use it in a proper way. We all need to pull up our socks because the time is not strolling anymore, it has started to run and we need to run along with it or we will be left far behind. Show the torch bearer the way to the front so that at least somebody could spearhead this movement.


  1. If you are to teach them and train them the best, let the be free! They will learn from the experiences of the life and these life lessons will be in national interest. However, it is in your hands to determine that they are on the right path. Be their mentor and the guide and assure that they do not turn to the wrong path. Vocational training, making the best use of the talent and the skill must be taken seriously.


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