How can we prevent eve teasing?

Few stigmas stay with you forever, no matter how much progress you make in life! In this country, the attitude of our men towards the other half of the population has been one such stigma.

Before, you all freak out, let me be very clear, yes, there are many guys who make every effort to turn the stones for our ladies. But, this can never undermine the point mentioned, looking at the current trends.

One thing that we all know is, yes! The wrong things will happen in life, but how do you deal and tackle the same is what craves the champions out of an average human.


Scroll down the page and take a glimpse of what we have proposed to stop eve teasing:

Socialize with the right

It is a big world and to stay here, we all need to socialize and make new friends. But to associate with what type of people,  boys , is your choice. Remember, it is better to go solo than with a bunch of dumb heads that have no or little respect for you. These are the people who might end up landing you in a trouble. You never know, they may be a trouble themselves throwing inappropriate behavior at you, bad touch and any other type of harassment. So, go out! But with a right set of people.

Carry safety equipment with you

Prevention is always better than cure and to protect yourself from unwanted and anti social elements. To avoid the cases of eve teasing, make sure you carry your safety equipment with you. The list might comprise of the pepper spray, a blade, cutter or everything possible which you think can make a difference. It can be a nail cutter or maybe the pointed screwdriver. The basic idea is to make sure that you can defend yourself.

Make a use of technology

The technology has made sure that the world contracts and confines in the boundaries of the internet. To stop eve teasing, technology can be one of the best possible solutions. Set SOS numbers of your close ones. Keep police help lines on speed dial and keep your GPS tracker on, always. Download the safety apps, learns their cautious and right use; register yourself on related websites. This will make sure that as and when you are in a trouble, nears and dears reach you in no time.

Be self-reliant

The idea of being self-reliant is to be able to defend yourself, without any sort of the external help. The self reliance  also includes developing an attitude and a confidence that before even being around you, person thinks many times yet alone touching or misbehaving. For this, you can always learn the martial arts or the karate. Even Tae-Kwan-Do will settle the deal. Be bold enough to assure your own safety if it hurts your pride.

Analyzing the above idea presented, the outcome is, no one and nothing stands above the respect of any girl! If it is unacceptable, it is incorrect and this is condemned.

So, next time you step out alone, you know the right things you are supposed to do to the wrong people.

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  1. Eve teasing is one of the sins that has been haunting the idea of India and its existence on a point of the security of our ladies. We have clearly failed to ensure a positive environment to our women to work and prosper. However, it is a morning the moment you wake up! Not just making the laws but enacting them on the grounds in reality. Making efficient use of the technology under an initiative of Digital India and empowering our female counterparts can be effective.


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