How can Youth Contribute to National Development

National development in most of the cases depends a lot on the population of the country and the current generation also. National development is a product of the collective effort of the people of the country more than the effort of the government. The work is done by people and the advancement happens because of the working class and thus, the responsibility of the national development falls on the shoulders of the citizens of the country. So how can we, the people of the country, make this development at a faster rate in a more sustainable way?


Working for the betterment of the country – Most of us work keeping in mind only our progress and forgetting that we all contribute to the development of the country in some way. We need to keep the bigger picture in mind always. We need to think how all of us come together to make what the country is today and how the change in the working trends effect the economy and the national development.

Volunteering – National development is not only about working to get a salary but also focusing on the parts of the nation which have been neglected or left behind. If the youth volunteers to uplift the backward areas and help in their growth and development, the country will progress much faster.

Optimum utilization of resources – We are lucky to have a country which is a storehouse of resources like manpower, fuel, technology and so much more but do we, as citizens, fulfill our duties and use these resources in the best possible way? For example, using public transport instead or private vehicles will help in saving fuel, better usage of public transport, reducing the pollution level and will be more economical also.

Choosing a profession wisely – The country cannot make progress if the entire youth goes and joins the Merchant Navy or becomes engineers. We need a variety of professionals to make the country progress in various fields and have a sustainable development. Money is an important factor but adding to the glut will eventually not help anyone. The employment opportunities will be less, the expertise will lose its value and most of the youth will be sitting at home not doing anything constructive.

Stop neglecting the remote areas – Focusing only on yourself and how much money you make might seem healthy and bring happiness for a bit but the question always arises as to what you have contributed to the world. Do something that will actually make a difference- help the poor, educated the illiterate, help the needy. There are so many rural areas that don’t get medicines and basic amenities, those areas are neglected or are out of reach of the government also. The youth should take steps to elevate the standard of living of the people of these areas because this is what is holding India back, non-uniform distribution of facilities and resources.

If we want our country to emerge as a global superpower, then we all will have to join hands and help the government in uplifting the country. A lot of work needs to be done and it cannot be done by a few people. Everybody needs to contribute in whatever little way they can. The rural youth needs to step forward and out of their comfort zone, the urban youth needs to think beyond their own material satisfaction and the other citizens need to push the youth and themselves to perform better, every single day. With such a huge population of such talented people, India should be able to do a lot more than what it already is doing and that depends totally on us and how we use our expertise and intellect to develop our country.


  1. Young India has a wide role to play in the national development. We have the energy and the ideas to build the strong nation on the foundation of historical significance to create a building of modern ideology. To contribute in this mission of developing India, we must choose a profession we are best in! Seconding it, we are required to volunteer for the social and national cause.

  2. I was just walking around when suddenly a thought of how i can contribute to make a new INDIA ,on which our hon’ble PM MODI is working … i think i can make a difference being at an individual level. We have integrity and power that we need …the only development retarding factor which needs to be finished is that despite differences we hv to get together and work on the social evils.

  3. A youth can develop a nation by forgetting his own interests, by developing his own skills, by spreading the message of friendship among all, by helping the spread of government policies, by erecting new ways to develop nation and by serving to humanity.

  4. As as youth we can do many thing for our country because throughout the world the youth percentage is more in India. And one more helpful thing for our youths is almost 90% of youths are in contact with social medias like Facebook ,Twitter……. they can use this social media networks to develop our country.

  5. one more thing to develop our country is by getting the awareness of the health in people because now a days many people and youths off our country are suffering from obesity and other diseases so if we make our people healthy they can physically work for betterment of our country to be healthy and to help others join to our mission on making healthy India.


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