How can Youth contribute to Swachh Bharat Mission?

One of the best and the most important initiatives taken by the government of India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aims at a clean and hygienic country. Catering to the need of the moment, this initiative is already in its second year and the government seems really enthusiastic about this one. But is Swachh Bharat an initiative only for the government of India? Are we, the youth, not responsible for the current state of hygiene and cleanliness of our own country?


We are, right? Then let’s come together and help the government achieve this great initiative, here is how-

Working together towards a common goal – Time has come when you need to step up and help your own country. We all have been waiting for this opportunity for the longest time and now it is here. Let us make a common, attainable goals, like – The street should not have even a single plastic waste, the garbage should be cleared out daily by the municipality people; delegate the responsibilities and just don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Keep a check and involve other people of the society as well.

Educating people for the better future – Start doing your bit, educate your domestic help and workers in and around your housing colony. Go to small villages which are closer to where you put up and explain to them how important it is to use a toilet for them and for the rest of us. Tell them that they are polluting the environment and you are getting affected too.

Talk to the local government officer – You can always talk to the local government officials and offer them your help and support. A couple of volunteers can be of great help in covering a bigger area in spreading the awareness and spearheading the campaign. Help them in taking surveys and doing other important bits of the campaign.

Industrial pollution – Reach out to a higher authority who can go and check the factories which according to you pollute the environment. Keeping a track of so many factories can be a tough job, naming them for the government can be of great help.

Stop other people – The moment you see someone littering or polluting the environment, go up to them, talk to them in the politest of manner, explaining why you seem so bothered about the environment, throwing in some major health risks and other problems which might occur due to pollution can be of some help too.

How is this making Swachh Bharat Abhiyan effective?

Well, I am sure I don’t need to explain how a clean environment will benefit all of us, the other things which make it effective are–

Government and the nation share the same interest – if we all are working towards a common goal, we can ensure that the objective is met by 2019 or even before that.

Unity in diversity – This coming together of all the people for one cause can be transferred to various other causes and we can finally see some actual work happening in the country. We can do this for proper rules and putting a proper system in place.

Carry forward – The youth can carry forward this abhiyan as a regular project and pass it on to the generations to come because we want this initiative to last forever.

Uniformity in implementation – The youth is all over the country, so they can ensure that this campaign is successful in every state, city and village of the country. The reach of youth is way beyond political barriers and reach of technology.

Swachh bharat can become way bigger if only we give it a chance to become big. We need to be an active part of the campaign for it to become effective on a nation-wide level. We are the nation and like Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, we should be the change we wish to see in the society!


  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness and this is what we are just required to practice in the execution of this prime initiative by the government of India. Indian youth must take an active part in this initiative as they will be leading this nation tomorrow. Of course we will not like to have it all dirty and filthy! Be an active member in your school or college. unite with the NGOs and the local administration. You can actually do the wonders.

  2. Swatch Bharat – where is it now?

    Is our Bharat swatch already over yet? Big speeches, ins-pissing speeches, loud enough promises – How far they worked? A lay man with a simple common sense can see the outcome now. All brand ambassadors and hand-picked celebrities in prodigal suits – keeping plain-speak aside mesmerized many. How ironical? How much has an exchequer spent on each so – called celebrity’s manifestation and waited under hot sun those days to have a peek at one’s divine idols?

    An educated should feel ashamed of one wearing mouth guards, using all hygienic products while being screened on media never cared to provide all those sanitary products to daily cleaners/sweepers? Narendra Modi’s initial speeches are worth watching now. What a contrast?

    Hey! You big think – tanks! Just stop those big dramas but arrange a corpus fund and provide those germ – free or preventive kits to all those unfortunate cleaners who use their bare hands or bare skins or to those irreplaceable cleaners directly – help prevent them with various dreaded diseases. Until then we should still call all those pop – idols “KACHARA VALLAS” – including the chay – walla – a kachara walla. Why are they still trying to get Media – Savvy? Needless to say if those “poppys” do the entire work what a poor kachara man does all day, those maha “Poppys”, just in one hour resemble “Physically challenged Vikrams” in director Shankar “I” movie. Are we going towards “Clean India” or “Dirty India”? Let’s reinvent better things. Has the PMO crew never observed such niceties during their innumerable deluxe trips in other countries? How unfortunate?
    – R.S.Srinivas


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