How can youth Help India this Republic Day

Any nation is not carved out in a day or two! It is a continuous process which builds a nation after numerous sacrifices of millions and millions of the people. If I talk about my country India, in particular, we are here as the consequences of sacrifices of our freedom fighters and our forefathers.


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As we enter the 67th year of Republic of India, here is a list of the 7 ways that can be done by the youth of India on this Republic Day

Indian first

It is the time to stand for the country if you have not, already! Yes, we are a diverse country. Our languages change at short distances, our cultures vary from region to region but then, the unity in diversity is our identity. Despite having 29 states, we must be Indian first. This Republic day, take a pledge to stand for the nation with all your heart! Be and Indian first and your state’s man later.

Preserve the dignity of Indian tri-color

We may easily find the national flag being littered around in the streets after the Republic day. This is something that pricks the conscience of all of us yet we refuse to do anything about it. So, this Republic Day, do not just hoist the national flag. If you find any littering around, step forward and pick it up.

Join hands with your government!

This is one thing we all must do in the name of our country this year. You can join either of the Digital India, Startup India, Make in India and many more government initiatives. Either you are a student, professional or indulged in any occupation, there is something that you can associate with the Indian government. Take the lead and step ahead for the country.

Be a volunteer

In the opening lines of the article, I have mentioned that no nation is carved out in a day or two. You have a great platform in India to express yourself and all that is needed is to be the front runner. Pick up an initiative in any field that helps the nation directly or indirectly and volunteer there. Not only this, you must also encourage your friends and family to voluntarily adopt any scheme and volunteer there.

Know your History

Learning history is like getting an escape to the experience. You can gather about the mistakes that have been made by many people in the past. You can simply avoid them in a process of recreating India. In this vow, it is necessary that you turn to the trusted sources and get to know about the History of India. Either read or recite, play or movie, whatever mode is convenient for you, go for it!

Let the leader in you surface!

“One man with courage is a majority!” Be the man/woman with the courage to lead India to the right. You are not required to deliver the boring speeches or lead the political movements. You must refuse to accept the wrong being done to you. Encourage others to not to accept the discrimination and injustice and you are already there!

Pledge to “cast your vote”

We are at a point in time where the world’s largest democracy need our young ‘caste’ of the voters to ‘cast’ their vote. Indian constitution has given you a right to vote and on this day ages ago. What better a day than this can it be to pledge for the strength of the democracy in this country?

There are many other things you can do for your nation any day! Remember, “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”


  1. Today, we are at a stage where it is necessary that we lead the nation from the front. We are required to indulge ourselves in the initiatives of the government to make India clean, digital and make this nation a better place to live. Every youngster should make it a point to vote and even push your nears and dears to vote either. Make the most of history, learn from your experiences and be a part of the country’s development.


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