How can youth make the best use of social media ?

Social media is the new wave that has hit the shore of youngsters. There is no doubt that each social media network serves differently to the different users, thanks to their individualism. However, this new media has come with its own pros and cons, besides being free and youth oriented it has some privacy issues as well. There are people who cannot have enough criticism of this new media, but we believe that there are always two sides of the coin.

Therefore, in this article we are going to highlight about the finest usage of social media by our young generation.

Source of information – Have you ever visited Quora? Doesn’t it feel like a humongous pile of knowledge, which you just cannot have enough, is welcoming you? Well, that is the power of social media. It serves like a free source of information about latest news, personalities, unknown facts, and insights.

Make everyone hear – Now here we are not talking about your day to day life activities that you need to share on social networking site but, if you come across any unfavorable incidents like – not being attended well by customer care, informing someone about the lost property, or anything on the similar note, you can put it on these sites. While newspaper will take it another day t cover plus it would cost you money and so would be any TV or radio channel, social media is much more effective, efficient and faster.

Networking – Whether you wish to find a flat on rent in a new city, or searching for a flatmate, whether you are looking for a short-term internship or a long-term business venture, the social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter can solve your problem faster than ever. All that you got to do is – POST.

Mobilization of masses – With Social media by our side, it is easier to mobilise the mass for an issue that concerns the masses. Be it the issue of Internet neutrality, banning of AIB or arranging a rally at Azad Maidan, with social media it is possible.

Beginning of Start up – These days youngsters get indulged into starting their own start up and no place could be better than marketing it on social media. In fact, social media can be one of the best platforms of marketing and networking with people regarding the start up.

Academic help – Social media can also become a powerful tool with respect to academic helps. While classroom lectures are never sufficient, you can always form a group on various social networking sites and discuss it with each other with some extra material of studies in the form of links, reports, videos, articles and so on.

The strength of social media is impeccable and unmatchable only if used in the legit way. Social media is undoubtedly a boon to this generation that has taken studies, fun, and knowledge to a different level entirely. While people criticise social media in every possible way, you have to ensure that you are making the best use of this exceptionally powerful tool.


  1. Primarily, the social media is seen as a medium to interact with people. However, the studies convey that Indian youth has been wasting time over it. Indulging in unrequired stuff, they end up making the best use of this stage. Youngsters are required to understand the importance of this networking platform. It must be used to extract help for the academics. Many entrepreneurs have used it as a marketing platform for their startups and have been successful. We must learn from them.


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