How safe are matchmaking portals?

The wedding business has taken India by the storm and so have the matchmaking portals. Bringing convenience of every sort to your doorstep, the internet has taken the job of your personal assistant to a whole new level. From shopping for clothes to shopping for a wife, online portals have made life simpler and much more advanced. But the question is how dependable are these online portals? Are they dependable enough to look for a life partner? And is the search authentic enough to land you with the right person? These questions are almost as important as looking for a life partner itself. You don’t want to be regretting later.


Authenticity of profiles

A lot of matrimonial sites do check for authenticity before letting you make a profile on the same but it turns out that most of the frauds still dodge the safety measures and continue to rule the matchmaking area online. There are various profiles that are fake and some of the people are portraying themselves to be what they’re not. The best way to stay safe in such a scenario is to not depend totally on the info given in the profile and look for other ways to find out if the person is genuine or not.

Promotional ads

One should never choose a matchmaking portal based on their promotional ads which pop up on every second page on the internet. Most of the success stories turn out to be fake and most of the people in those ads turn out to be actors willing to give away their photos for less money. A matrimonial site is supposed to be nothing more than a place to interact with different people who may share the same interests as you. Do not take it too literally.

Keep your guards on

There are various people out there who have given false information in their profiles and are out to get you. This is the exact reason why most of the people say matrimonial sites are for frauds. There have been incidents where people have been duped and cheated and have suffered a lot more. You are the only one who could keep yourself safe from such things. So, keep your guards on and don’t blindly trust people you meet on matchmaking portals.


In order to seem efficient, these sites have various segregations according to which they let you search and then give you the perfect match accordingly. The point here being, not all the profiles are real, not all the people mention their caste in the profile and in their preference, so there are chances that you might get cheated there too. Also, this might just be another way to attract older users as it is the conventional idea of marriage to marry into your own caste. It might just be a marketing gimmick.

The attitude of the people online

More than anything else, what leaves people hurt is the attitude of the people they meet online. Not everybody comes to matchmaking portals with an intention of getting married, some of them are out there only to have fun. So, make sure you don’t fall prey to the sweet talks and end up getting hurt in the end. Of course, not everybody out there is a fraud but the odds are high and it is better to be safe.

Defeating the whole purpose of looking for a life partner, matchmaking portals have proved to be nothing more than just a casual dating site for some. All in all, it might not be completely wrong to say that these sites have made people suffer a lot more than they’ve made them happy. So, exercise your discretion while banking on a matchmaking portal to look for your perfect partner. Be sensible and safe.


  1. One of the issues related to people meeting online is the authenticity. Fake profiles, incorrect data and a negative attitude of the people online have resulted in the failure of the matchmaking on the internet.
    Also, psychology says, a person is different in his online and offline behavior. This is another reason why I feel the relevance of the online matchmaking portals is next to lame. We must focus on investing in people face to face than stalking and judging them anyway!


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