How Should the Youth Celebrate Independence Day?

There is a lot of uproar about the Independence day and how we are still not really independent, but people fail to see how they are equally responsible for it. The people, if they had fought enough, if the youth had come together, the country would have changed for the better and they wouldn’t have to rant like this. People often point out faults in the system and the other people and forget that they could have done things differently themselves. Independence day doesn’t mean wearing tricolored t-shirts and roaming around with flags in your hand, it means to awaken to your responsibilities towards the nation.

Independence Day India

Start a campaign regarding the safety of women – What day could be better to fight for the independence of women than Independence day itself. Talking about the issue of women’s safety on an open forum might help in echoing the thoughts of various individuals. Group meetings, plays and other ways of drawing public towards this discussion should be used and a proper campaign should be launched to ensure the safety of women throughout India. It should not be like an initiative that would be discussed and then forgotten, it should be something that continues and sees the light of day.

The Swachh Bharat campaign – If it bothers you so much, get up and go ahead and clean it. The country is yours and lifting a broom or cleaning the roads which belong to the citizens should not be looked down upon. Independence day could very easily be marked as a day to spearhead the clean India movement and should be continued throughout the year.

Open discussions – Something that has been a contentious issue since forever, the communication gap between the government and the citizens should be narrowed on this day. The youth, on this Independence day, should try and push for open discussion with government officials. This will help in the exchange of views and narrowing the communication gap. New policies and strategies could be thought during this time, something that suits the well-being of the country and its citizens.

Help the uneducated – Visiting the communities where education is a far-fetched dream and volunteering to help those kids study. Show them the way and tell them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The youth could help the country by educating the little ones who cannot afford to go to school otherwise or by at least telling their parents about various educational opportunities that the government is providing for them.

Fight the demons of the country – Show how much you love your country. Let’s come together and take an oath to fight the demons of the country like illiteracy, corruption, poverty and low standard of living. The government and the citizens must come together and decide how to fight the biggest foes of the society. Rules should be framed not only for the general public but also for people with high authority.

Spread a smile – Do something good, show that this country still has good people, make other people smile. A simple gesture of kindness would do, tell people that they are doing great, help someone in need, it could be any one- a friend, a stranger, somebody really poor or somebody who is sad. Let’s make this country a better place to live at least for a day.

Independence day had given us a new start long ago, then why not make this day a day of new beginnings and happiness. If the youth comes together with a thought of changing the country, a lot could be done, but for that people should be ready to take an initiative. People need to have that drive towards making their nation better, they should have selfless love towards their country and only then the real meaning of Independence day would change. Even the politicians should focus on doing things rather than getting into propaganda and being conscious about their public image. The citizens would love it if they shed their image for a day and actually worked with them to make this country better.


  1. India did not taste the freedom in a day or two. It came out of several sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. It is our responsibility to preserve this hard earned Azadi! To celebrate the independence day, we must promote the spirit of volunteerism. Be a part of the swacch Bharat abhiyaan, file an RTI, decide to contest elections or support the most eligible contestant and many more little things you can do make you country a better place!


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