How to Become a Freelance Writer

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

– Richard Bach.

The above words may seem like an oft said cliché, but nevertheless, they are true, holding more wisdom in a line than many professional guides to writing. For the creatively inclined, for those bitten by the writing bug and a love for stories, writing is a fine choice of career to pursue. Of course, like all careers, the going is tough and the start is slow, but for those for whom writing is a calling, a passion, it is quite a worthwhile one.


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Here’s how the uninitiated writers could begin their foray into the vast world of freelance writing:

1. Read More

Reading is perhaps the simplest and best way to improve as a writer. Reading more books in the genre you wish to writer, be it fiction, fantasy, sports, lifestyle, travel, or any other topic, will help you understand the genre better and mould your own writing style accordingly. This is one of the most important rules you should follow if you are keen to become a writer.

2. Write Daily

Write daily, whether it is a piece for your blog, random scribbling, penning down an idea or thought that you’ve had, or just putting entries in your journal or diary, writing every day will surely make you a better writer. The change in your writing won’t be seen overnight, but over the course of time, there’ll be a marked improvement in your style of writing, your handling of stories and articles, as well as your command over the language. Take it as a rule of thumb and make sure to practice your craft daily, after all, practice makes perfect.

3. Make Pitches

Make pitches to magazines and websites on the lookout for articles on certain topics. Be sure to have a clear and concise idea in your mind, and explain it precisely in your pitch to the potential clients. There are sites willing to pay good money to writers with strong ideas and a flair for the art, especially the foreign magazines and websites.

4. Research

Research thoroughly and often about the many sites, magazines and clients who need articles on certain topics, and keep a list of them. You can then decide which of the topics tickle your fancy and you can pitch your ideas to them. There are also sites who need articles on certain set topics, thereby saving you the time and effort needed to make pitches.

5. Network

Having a strong network on social media as well as other contacts and connections is often useful to get well paying gigs. The people who know you and have worked with you will be the ones who spread the word about your talent and services, so make sure to build a strong rapport with them and provide the best quality work. Having a strong network and a good brand image as a writer will be extremely beneficial in the long run to get a continuous influx of good paying work, and it will in turn keep improving your profile as a writer.

Remember to read more, write often, and make a strong impression as a writer, that should ease your way into the world of freelance writing.


  1. Many people think that freelancing writing is a part time job to make a quick money. However, the fact that it is a full-time job where you are required to exercise your brain 24 hours must not be ignored. It is essential that you research well and proofread before submitting your content. Also, never let yourself copy the content. Rewriting is a sin which you must never follow. Create a constructive content which speaks more in lesser words.


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