How to become a lawyer

Lawyers are one of the smartest people around and they make a whole lot of money too. The best part about being a lawyer is that you could either work with a firm, or if you have made enough name for yourself, then independently. Also, lawyers do not retire, so there is absolutely no end to a career in law until and unless you want it to end. Lawyers play a vital role and can be prosecutors, advocates or work for multinational companies. It has been the most coveted profession for the elite and has its own benefits.

1. Qualification – There is absolutely no mandate as to which subjects to choose in the 12th grade to become a lawyer. One could choose whatever he/she wishes to study and become a lawyer regardless. This will keep the options for the person open till the very end. Also, one can choose any stream in graduation too. A person will be eligible to do a 3-year L.L.B course after graduating in any field.

Also, to make this long process of 6-7 years of graduation plus L.L.B easier, one could opt for a 5-year integrated course which is B.A. L.L.B.

2. Entrance test – In order to become a lawyer in India, it is imperative to have an L.L.B degree. To procure that, one has to sit for various entrance tests conducted by different universities of the country. There is a common law admission test called CLAT. It is the most sought after test which admits students in the top 10 law colleges in the country.

There are also a few colleges that might admit students on the basis of their marks scored in graduation or 12th grade, depending on when you choose to study law.

3. Apart from the LLB degree, one would also be required to complete the classroom courses that have been made mandatory by institutions. After all of this is done, the student will have to have to enroll him/herself in a State Bar council which comes under the Advocate Act, 1961. This will allow them to go ahead and practice law in any part of the country.

4. Career Prospects – There are two types of lawyers – Criminal and Civil. Based on his/her interest and level of expertise, the person can choose any of the two. A criminal lawyer deals with criminal acts like murder, whereas a civil lawyer deals with civil disputes like a fraud etc.

Apart from these two, there are specific kinds of lawyers, like – child support lawyer, compensation lawyer, corporate lawyer, credit lawyer, defense lawyer, divorce lawyer, business lawyer, family lawyer, fraud lawyer, health insurance lawyer, immigration lawyer, unemployment lawyer, etc.

After getting registered under the bar council, the person can start practicing law as an individual.

He/she can either work for the government or the state authorities. Or work with business houses to help them with the legal bit of the business.

5. Salary – The salary of a lawyer is mostly good and keeps increasing from time to time based on his/her experience and expertise. The government is a great pay master when it comes to lawyers and even when a person is working with a particular organization in its legal department, he/she can draw a monthly salary of up to Rs 25,000 – 50,000 at the beginning of his/her career.

Becoming a lawyer is not very difficult, what is difficult is to stay steadfast to your passion and keep touching new heights with every case or negotiation that comes your way. A lawyer needs to be smart, hard-working and passionate to be able to see the peak of his career. The disadvantage of being a lawyer is that the country already has a lot of them, so the only way you can be the best is by working your way up without giving up. For more and exact Information, Do not forget to search on the Internet bit more, Visit official websites the concerned departments , Universities and Institutes. All the best!


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