How to become a successful Authorpreneur?

In today’s age, with the advent of self-publishing, it has become quite easy for anyone who has a story to tell – or something to say – to write a book and publish it on their own. No more is it necessary to go through the traditional avenue of writing a manuscript, sending it to an agent, having the agent pitch it to a publishing house, and then waiting with bated breath and crossed fingers for a response.

No, today, one can finish writing their novel, and then self-publish it with, and then make it available with the many options available online – and even offline.

Of course, while self-publishing, the authors have to deal with marketing, advertising, and generally spreading the word about their books on their own. That is, they have to be entrepreneurs as well, not merely authors. The term ‘Authorpreneur’ arises from this.

Here are some tips and titbits to becoming a successful Authorpreneur:

Read More to Write Better

An oft understated but one of the most crucial aspects of becoming a better writer and author is to read more. Read as much as possible, and as widely as possible. From the works of the greatest playwrights to the purveyors of high fantasy, murder, and mystery, read as many genres as you can, it is one of the simplest, as well as most engaging and fun ways to improve as an author. Reading works of the best writers in the genre you seek to write is also highly recommended.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Either through blogging frequently, or having an active presence on social media, having a strong online persona is necessary. Running an interesting Facebook page with content which is fresh and original, having a Twitter handle where you can share witty tweets and forge a strong network is important. The followers gained on social media are highly useful not only as valued readers of your work, but also help in spreading the word about you and your books far and wide.

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Paid advertisements through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels are also a great cost effective way of generating new readers and followers once you have exhausted all avenues of organic reach.

A Strong Sense of Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Being an Authorpreneur means having a keen sense of entrepreneurship, as well as a strong nose for marketing and business.

This is a challenging, but ultimately fruitful way of developing your brand as a writer and author. Carrying out marketing activities on social media to gain a strong follower base and generate goodwill is a good way to begin. Always remember to have a friendly and welcoming persona, one which the readers can look up to, both as a beloved author, as well as a role model. The Internet is the fastest and most cost effective way to spread word about yourself. Cross platform blogging, online and offline interviews with local publications and magazines is another good way to become better known.

However, always remember that you’ll only become a successful Authorpreneur after you’ve written a good book, one which can draw and keep the reader’s attention. Everything else comes after that, but writing well is the most important aspect, one which should be honed to perfection. If you do forgo the quality of writing in favour of speed and marketing to get fame at the soonest, then you’ve lost even before you’ve begun.

The most important advice for an Authorpreneur is to first be a good writer, and have a strong story to tell. Remember to take your time and write a story worth reading.

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  1. Being an author is not an easy game for any writer. The amount of patience and stamina required to publish one’s own work is build after several rounds of practice and years of self-assessment. To be an author-preneur, one must focus on effective marketing as well. A strong social media presence online and a better sense of strategical improvement can make you the winner of this race. That apart, one must indulge in creation of the effective content which is original and maintains the quality at the same time.


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