How to Become your Boss’ Favorite Employee?

One thing that can decide if you will like your job or not is your equation with your boss. Your boss can either make or break your professional life. Many people also believe that it is more important to have a good boss than having a good job, and that is because your boss is primarily the only person that you will spend 70% of your work time with. On top of that, being your boss’ favorite has its own advantages – you know that you will be trusted with bigger responsibilities and that a good appraisal is guaranteed.


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So, to ensure a good work life, here is what you can do to become your boss’ ‘go to’ person.

 Let your boss feel like a boss

Let your actions tell your boss that you respect his position of authority. Approach your boss whenever you feel there is a need to discuss something. Talk to him when you’re about to take a big decision, and make sure that he is aware of the step that you’re planning to take. Not only does it make him feel superior, but it also gives him the bandwidth to trust you with things of great importance.

Be flexible

One thing that will really affect your rapport with your boss is how easily you adapt to his way of working. Once you get used to his way of working and start working in tandem with him, your equation is sure to become a lot smoother. He will also start entrusting you with bigger responsibilities and will show that he trusts your capabilities of handling a situation in his absence. Apart from this, being flexible also means changing according to the situation you’re working in. There might be situations when there is a lot of work and vice versa. Give your best in both, and show your boss what you’re made of.

Know about your boss’ concerns

Every person has a set of things that makes them nervous. Know what makes your boss panic and help him with it. A boss will always appreciate when you help him get over his problems while dealing with your own and it will also reinstate his faith in your potential. There may be times when he may completely forget about things that need his immediate attention, at that point, raise a flag and tell him the solution to those things. This will make him feel that you possess the skill and are dependable.

Disagree, but politely

You should never go all out and show that you disagree with your boss, there is a knack to do it. Take your boss to a corner or wait for him to get free. Then, politely tell him that you disagree with the point he made earlier and tell him the reason alongside. Your boss will never fire you if you give him a solid reason for disagreeing with him and then explain what you mean, but make sure you do it when other people are not around. Don’t ever question your boss’ ability in front of other parties.

Becoming your boss’ favorite is just another way of proving how good you are at what you do and believe me, it is very different from being a teacher’s pet. Nowadays, having a good rapport with your boss is almost as essential as doing your job well. It is the combination that works in your favor and the combination that decides your future in your company. Also, make sure you draw a fine line between sycophancy and your efforts. Bosses will like you because of your presence of mind and skill set.


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