How to Overcome Fear

Fear is one thing that has never been helpful to anybody but has deterred them from moving ahead in life. Apprehensions and fears cripple a person’s intent to work hard and reach new heights, they stop a person before making a move and a person who doesn’t even try can never succeed. One should always be sure of him/herself and think of overcoming their fears so that they can move ahead in life. Don’t let something as temporary as fear determine your altitude in life, move out of your comfort zone and fight for what you want. Fear is just another sign of weakness and one who wants to advance in life cannot afford to be held back.


Forget the comfort zone – Most problems arise when people are adamant about sticking to their comfort zone. When a person is in his/her comfort zone, they never try to make an effort and this hampers their mental and career growth. In order to succeed in life and become something, one needs to do things they fear, they need to feel uncomfortable at times and prepare themselves for unfair situations. One should have the courage to fight with whatever comes in his/her way.

Change your attitude towards things – Not everything that you fear is necessarily dangerous, it is just something that you haven’t seen, experienced or done in life. If, for once, you try and change your attitude towards such things and go ahead and do it, you will get an insight of whether the thing is really bad. Having an opinion about something after you have done it makes much more sense than not doing it and having preconceived notions. Also experience is the best teacher in life.

Counseling helps – Fears can be shooed away by talking to people and exposing yourself to it all the more. Not everybody has the same fears,talk to people who have different fears from you and take inspiration to go ahead and do that particular thing. Counselling is not something that will change your state of mind because you are fickle, it is something that will reason things with you and you will get most of the answers while introspecting.

Change your personality – Fears become even bigger when we accept them to be a part of our personality. Our personality should never be a product of our fears, when fears start to show in our actions they make a person weak and insecure and that is the beginning of the circle of fears. One fear leads to another and we become weaker and weaker. One should always try to keep himself detached from their fears and shortcomings and should try their best in every scenario to fight and overcome them.

Fears are part of human nature but one should always realize that they cannot afford to get too comfortable with their fears and flaws. Acceptance of fears only slows down the process of personal development and makes a person laid back. This laid back attitude is also called the comfort zone and if one doesn’t struggle to come out of it, then he will always have to live in a shell and will be unable to see the uninhibited world outside of the shell. This is exactly why older people call life a struggle because it is a constant fight against the demons in our mind. People think that they need to surpass other people and reach a certain level to be called successful but the reality is different. A person is successful only if he has the courage to fight his fears and flaws and become better with each passing day.


  1. Psychology says that the fear is more a mental state than the physical aching. We are more prone to scary experiences if our mind wants us to! The USP is clear then if we are to overcome our fears, we need to control our mind. It is required on our part to try and test the things that scare us. Once we manage to accomplish them fine, fear has to go. We may take a help of any pro or expert in this.


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