Importance of Change in Life

According to Walter Trobisch, the psychologist,’God does not like the decisions of a lifetime, which we make out of resignation and disappointment. He wants us to live our life this day and to discover all the joyous possibilities of it with confidence and courage.”Sometimes, you make decisions in life only because you hope that these decisions will make your life better. You have been miserable with life so far and you wish to remove that misery. However, Walter Trobisch says that the reason why you should choose something should not be because you are tired of your  life but because you are eager to explore; because you want to and not because you are compelled to but because you want to. Aristotle pointed out that life wants. There is a want in life to flow.  Life is all about movement; life is all about flux. The moment you ask life to stay still, you block its way and life leaves you and finds another way. It is like a  stream that wants to flow.

Change in Life

There are boulders to this free flow of life; boulders that can be removed. Some such boulders are:-

  1. A wish to have things the way they are forever. This happens especially in case of relationships. You wish to have those joyous moments forever which is never happening. Instead, you should hope for better moments with those people or any other person you meet.
  2. When you look at your past constantly, you fail to see all that is around you, the doors that have opened around you. You need to stop looking at the unlocked doors and let the doors open for you; just let life be and it will open the doors for you. Life is powerful!
  3. A belief that a particular thing is the best thing for you in life causes you to stay in the rut with that particular thing. Whatever you are doing is good but there could also be better things in life; things that have not been explored.
  4. The moment you judge something or even yourself, you basically label. Labelling prevents you from being the experience you are. It causes in you the compulsion to act in a certain repetitive way. Even the wish to be someone or something prevents you from being the experience you are.
  5. Your resistance to the old and familiar is another reason that stops you from embracing change in life. The resistance crops up from a fear.

Life is a stream that wants to flow; it is an eternal river without a beginning and without an end. Let this river flow through you and let it change things for you. Let yourself free from the anxiety that life needs to be the way it is. The motto of your life should not be to ease out your worries or become more worried with your worries but to explore, dream and discover. This is what Mark Twain said: Explore, Dream and Discover . (EDD)


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