Improving Employability of Underserved Youth

Even though millions of young men and women pass from college every year, the chances of employability of those youngsters remain bleak. Not all the young people are capable of landing a good job and earning in lacs. A major part of the youth, which comes from rural or remote areas, is still trying its best to come into the service sector, but they mostly get overshadowed by the people from the cities or metropolitans. The youth from these areas often has to bear the brunt of the lack of exposure and good opportunities. Not only do they suffer while they’re studying, but also after that when they have to move to bigger cities to earn a livelihood and fail to make the ends meet. So how exactly can the underserved youth, which is here in question, be helped? How can we make the situation better for the youth which is in dire need of good opportunities to showcase their talent?

Vocational Training – Instead of designing a curriculum which makes the children from backward areas learn normal subjects which may never actually help them in earning a livelihood, a curriculum which focuses more on vocational training should be designed. This curriculum will give the youth a real picture of the world outside and will help them brush their skills to be able to compete with their urban counterparts.

More opportunities in Rural areas – More opportunities in the form of jobs and trainings should be provided to the underserved youth. Why should the youth from rural areas have to move to a new place in order to look for a way to earn? I believe that the youth, no matter where it belongs to, should have ample opportunities to prove its worth and to be able to earn a decent living.

Higher standard of living – Apart from everything else, the normal standard of living of the people from the rural areas should be improved, the families should be well equipped to fulfill the needs of the youngsters of the family and the nation should stop believing that the only occupation for the people from the rural India should be agriculture. The people from rural background should be educated about different ways of earning apart from agriculture and they should be pushed to join new avenues.

Better educational opportunities and scholarships – The youth, which is unable to afford proper education, should be given scholarships on merit. There are students who are gifted with immense talent and great intellect, but they can’t go far in life due to lack of resources, the government should ensure free and better education for these youngsters so that they could enjoy quality life later.

More exposure for the youth – The youth from certain backgrounds should be given proper exposure so that they know about the opportunities at their disposal. A lot of young people feel totally stuck because they feel they don’t have too many options, they are oblivious to the fact that the world has millions of fields which could suit either their personality or their interest and talents. Educating the rural or the underserved youth regarding these opportunities is the need of the hour.

The youth being the biggest part of the population also determines the development and the advancement of the country. If the youth does not feel positive about their today, then we will never be able to feel positive about our tomorrow. Hence, providing the youth the right opportunity to grow is of utmost importance not only for them to survive but for the country to succeed. Let the youth know that they are capable of a lot, that they hold the future in their hands and that even the sky is not the limit, nothing is!

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  1. Skill India is one of the initiatives launched by the government of India to equip the underserved youth with a certain skill to earn a bread to feed themselves and their families. In the current scenario, we have to ensure that our population does not turn to be a liability to us and thus we need to guide them fine. Vocational education and practical labs can make a significant change in this vow!


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