India is changing at all levels – Social , Political and Economic!

It has been said that the value of a nation can be determined by the people living in it, and I strongly believe in this statement. The 2011 census states that 41 % of the Indian population is less than twenty years of age whereas only nine percent population is above sixty years of age. Since the youth is the future of our nation, it can give direction to the country and channelize its output.

India is changing

Now the time has come for India to turn from a developing country to a developed country.

Social change

We all know what happened to Damini in 2012, but after that ill fated night, we have witnessed how the youth of the nation supported her. People came forward with candle marches and it was mainly because of the tremendous support of the youth that the accused were sentenced. The Youth has the capacity to change the face of the nation. They can achieve every possible thing that they want provided they get a little push. We know how prejudiced the nation is, but time and again we see someone from the youth standing up and raising a voice, it fills our hearts with the hope that one day the youth of the nation will set things right. We all know that to get the smallest of things done in this country, we need to give bribes, and the corruption is at an all time high. To tackle such social evils, the youth can and should raise their voices.

Political change

The movie ‘Youngistan’ was criticized mercilessly by many, but there are people like me who are ready to dream about the idea that was showcased there. A twenty five year old youth
was shown as the Prime minister of the country and then, with the kind of mindset and innovative thoughts that is a hallmark of the youth, change was brought about. The youth of the nation has everything working for them and even if it is not, they know how to get things
done in their way.

Economic change

There are a lot of start ups in the country, this is helping the youth become job creators, and not just job seekers. I believe that it is a great change in taking the economy of the nation to
certain heights. They are not just helping themselves but are also taking the country’s economy to an all new level.

The youth of India is very innovative and progressive, and this can help us bring in the revolution. They have not discarded the idea of God and religion but they are not superstitious either. They are finding paths of spirituality but are not stuck up with age old norms. They do not follow herd mentality but know the difference between right and wrong. As we all know; a country can attain great heights if the youth of the country is educated. Educated people can create great revolutions. India is a developing country and to make it a developed country, we need to empower the youth.

Thus, with just the right amount of push and a correct platform, the youth will help India reach the unseen heights. So let’s create opportunities and witness the youth of the country script India’s growth.


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