Indian Women And The Pressure To Look Young

Coming to think of it, I feel it is more of a universal thing that women wish to look younger than their actual age. Women all over the world have this constant urge to look pretty, thin, glowing, healthy but more than anything, what makes them happy is when somebody tells them that they don’t look their age. So, why is it that women covet looking younger more than looking thinner or prettier? And why is there so much brouhaha around this whole looking younger idea?


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Younger women are more desirable

Indians have this notion that younger women are more desirable than the older ones. The truth may be far from this notion, but we are a country which runs on notions, so we happily accept this one too. Whatever the occasion might be – bride hunting, job searching, modeling, or thinking about beautiful women, we think that younger women are given more preference over the older ones and that is what builds this constant pressure for women to look younger. The truth, however, is that no matter how old you are, if you dress right and have the right attitude, you will look breathtakingly stunning.

Peer pressure

Women between the age of 25 to 35 often bear the brunt of peer pressure more than any other age group. The reason for this is again, the need to look younger. We often forget that there is a great role of genes, metabolism and lifestyle in this and we keep trying hard to look younger in order to look the best amongst our friends. The reality that we keep dodging is that if one tries to overdo things, then our health and natural beauty can go for a toss. So be happy with the way you look and just try to be healthy.

Boom of anti-ageing research agency

We all see ads of products that promise to make us look younger if used regularly. However, anything that we apply physically has very little role to play in hiding our real age. The strategy is great to attract more consumers, but is hazardous to our health. Women in older times used to look much younger than their real age and they never used any of these products, the secret was regular work and great eating habits. Try working those for a change and enjoy your younger looks for longer.

Anorexia and fairness win over natural health

Buying into the idea that fairer and thinner women never look old, we all constantly try to lose weight and look better. This idea stems from the fact that the society is yet to get used to the concept of ‘beauty comes in all colors and shapes’. But instead of changing the society, we become conformists. What we need to understand is that after a certain age, avoiding your regular diet and applying unnatural products may not suit our body and the only ones to suffer would be us.

Realizing your real worth

Most of the women think that looking good means looking younger, they also believe that they need to look good to make people listen to them and that the only thing that can bring back their self-worth is looking better than their usual self. The sad part is, if women don’t come out of this belief, the society will continue to abuse them as model of only good looks and nothing beyond that. Let the world see what you have in you and then judge you, and at that point your looks, your age, and your waistline will not make a difference.

Indian women need to realize that they do not need the society’s validation to be their best selves, they just need to be themselves and have the strength to support their ideas till the very end and only then will the world be able to look through the façade of good looks and see their real potential.


  1. Blame it on the multinational companies and their marketing strategies or just the peer pressure, Indian women are under a constant pressure to resist the signs of ageing. In this vow, they are turning to different means to enhance the beauty! Ladies, your beauty is more in the attitude. Nothing beats the aroma of the confidence and thus it is necessary for you to build an air of attitude than just sticking the solutions or creams on your faces. In an effort to look young, you may achieve the short term goals but what about the long-term loss you are making? Realize your worth and do not forget to let that smile dim!


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