Indian youth has immense TALENT

The youth of today is totally unlike anything we’ve seen before. Not only are they aware of their responsibilities, but they are also extremely gifted and talented. Being talented makes a person way better at their job and also instills confidence in the person, and that is exactly why the nation believes that with the immense talent, this generation is soon to become a head turner. With great power to change the destiny of the country, the youth is capable of doing so much that it is sure to bring the country on the path of progress and prosperity. The youth is skillful and here is how that is highly beneficial for our nation-

T – Tenacious – The youth believes in seeing things through, never will you come across a thing which the youth has started or thought of doing and has left it in the middle, unattended. The youth believes in going till the end of its capabilities and making dreams come true. The youth believes in ‘its now or never’ and gives its 100 percent to achieve what they’re aiming for.

A – Able – Underestimating the youth is the biggest mistake one can make in today’s world. This youth is way more capable than any other generation ever seen. It has the knowledge, the talent, the will power and the strength to pull everything together. Whatever field one chooses to look at, the youth has created history and the people of the nation are proud to call the youth their children.

L – Learned – The youth not only talks, but also walks the talk, thinking that they are young and frivolous may not land you anywhere. The youth today focuses on learning everything on the job or beforehand. This is also an approach which has made the youth different from the other generations. They are well educated, learned, well-travelled and have a stable head on their shoulders.

E – Enthusiastic – The enthusiasm with which the youth works is contagious, and will get the better of you. There is a reason why most of the sectors are looking for only young people to join so that the sector could see fast and sustainable growth. The passion, curiosity and the enthusiasm with which the youth works makes one wonder why they didn’t enjoy working as much as the youth does?

N – Narcissistic – Knowing that there are so many people who look up to you for being their guiding light may make a person narcissistic, but not in the wrong way. Being narcissistic is really important for the youth because it shows that the youth believes in itself for pulling the job through. It only shows that the youth is not only sure of itself, but is also confident that no matter what they cannot really go wrong when it comes to making the future of the nation brighter.

T – Tech savvy – The last and definitely the most helpful, the youth is extremely tech savvy, which as a matter of fact is something totally new for the nation to witness. Never before has a generation been so good at something, never before has a resource turned into a way of living, and never before has the country seen such a huge revolution. The country is being swept away by technology and the youth is the reason for it.

The youth of today is good at so many things that lately it has become difficult to keep a track of what all they are capable of doing. I feel the country has finally come out of the solid hold of corruption and cheating, and this is one generation which believes in working hard and with honesty. The reason why everybody is so excited about the youth to take over is because after a long time we have seen such great potential in our younger generation.

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  1. If the world is taking India seriously in the recent times, thanks to the immense talent possessed by the Indian youngsters. Having an ability to scale the mountain and caliber to explore the depth of the sea, Indians have an expertise in one and all fields. Having a large population also makes it a hub for the experts in every field. We must exploit our manpower to attain the best of the results in the global market.


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