India’s future is in innovation and creativity?

Ever since the independence, the need for the development of the indigenous technology has been voiced from time to time. Even in the 69th year of the independence, we are still in the initial phase of innovation and the creativity.
The good news that serves the hope of positivity after this long wait is that the Indians are one of the leading researchers filing the papers in the field of innovation and creativity. Home to a large number of the doctors and the engineers, one thing that can be claimed with no second thought is our establishment as the leader of the innovative field is not really far now.
India innovation creativity youth
Thank the initiative by the related institution as well as the hard work of the Indian youngsters. With an intelligent composition of the smart ideas and creative approach that is actually helping India march firmly on the path creating a future that has the power to recombine the natural strength with the artificial intelligence.
If we take a leap ahead and start to provide the solutions or the steps for the people to initiate the same change, we need to have a close look at numerous things. We need to be open to the criticism, accept the failure and make it a point to carve the stepping stones out of the degrading layers! Take a look:

Take risks. You either learn or you succeed!

The best part about being a youngster is that you have the benefit of the age on your side. Assuring the longevity, you can take risks and you never fail. You either take the lessons which will help you in your next venture or you succeed. In any of the above two cases, you are the one on the winning side and this is why India can back on you and your innovating and creative skills.

Involve with the ideas

Ideas are everywhere! Right from the small daily wage laborer to the man shaking the corporate world, everyone is well versed with the ideas. What makes a difference between those two people is the involvement of the ideas in reality and practical world. The ones who execute the same make it to the top while others keep discussing them in vain! If you are to innovate, you need to execute what you create, Take this note.

Experience via experiments

Youth knows no fears and this is where that irk to experiment hits the man right in this age. The desire to experience the adventure and to learn from all those experiments at the same is what it makes a difference. You need to ensure that on this journey of yours, you fail! As Edison mentioned on being asked about multiple failures before inventing the light bulb, “I did not fail multiple times. I just gathered multiple new ideas how to design the bulb and how to not to!”
Hello, Young India! Stand up. Think, Create and innovate. Since you have the government on your back, for now, make sure you make the most of the opportunity. All the Best!


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