Is India facing a serious skills crunch?

A question which can have multiple answers, to some it may even sound slightly rhetorical. The problem with this sort of a question is that either people don’t know the exact status of talent and skill in the country, or they know that even if our country has loads of it, it doesn’t know how to put it in use. India is a fairly young country as 65 percent of its population is the youth. Thus, when we talk about skill, we expect it to come from the youth which is not happening right now because we are all clueless about how to make the best use of the youth’s potential.


More than anything else, our India needs planning done by experts who could direct the manpower where it is required most and will be most beneficial. The planners along with the talented and skillful youth can help in changing the economic status of the country. When talent and skills are put to the right use, you see results and the country progresses.

What can be done?

Acknowledging the potential – Given enough time, anybody can become skillful and learn the trick of the trade. This temporary crunch of skill, as they call it, is being seen in the country because people who have the skill lack inspiration and the others who are inspired are ignored saying they don’t have the experience. India, as a country, needs to take chances. If we don’t allow the youth to start now, they will never have the expertise to lead big projects and thus, the country will continue facing the skill crunch.

Carving a niche – We have experts and we have trainers, then why not start training the youth in order to carve out their niche well in time. The youth will know what is happening in the country only if they are made a part of it and the crunch will see a decline when more people will come and join the workforce. The youth will also bring a fresh change to the scenario with their fresh ideas and talent.

Motivation – There is a sudden decline in the work rate over the last decade. This could be because of lack of interest, inspiration, motivation, or because of an un-friendly work environment. This could also be because the older generation which is working has often been neglected and they don’t get enough perks to keep performing well. In certain cases, people are also paid well regardless of their bad performance. A check on the workforce, which has been in the business for quite some time, will not hurt anybody.

Lack of confidence and opportunities – People who would probably be the best for the job and have the skill are most of the times not even aware of the job opportunities. They are sitting in a remote corner, wanting to do something with their lives while the job is given to somebody who is doing it only for the money and thus, is unable to perform well. We need to start taking passion for the job into account while making recruitment decisions and we need our population to be aware of their potential and the opportunities that are there for them.

The scenario which is being called a crunch is actually just bad allocation of resources. The correct person to make the creatives is stuck in a bank somewhere not liking his job, but doing it only to earn good money. The day this country starts accepting that all the fields are equal and that the term success is subjective, it will see a new economic revolution where everybody would be good at what they do.


  1. What was that reason that forced the Indian government to launch a full-fledged campaign in the name of Skill India even after half a century of independence? Are we in a position where the we lack the skill and efforts from our young heads? Yes. Indian youth clearly lacks a lot of what it takes to make an impact otherwise. We require the confidence generation and serving motivation to young people.


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