Is the Indian Environment right for the youth?

The social change in the environment has a ripple effect on the personality development of the youth as a whole. It is said that children are great imitators and so there should be something great available for them to imitate. But does the present face of Indian society look like a million dollars? Probably, not. The concept of “perfect human” is a myth. Nobody is perfect. It is our perception of self that makes us believe that we are perfect.

What we sow, is what we reap. But perhaps the people here, do not fear what benchmarks they are setting up for their children. The air smells of rage, violence, danger, hostility, prejudice, injury, destruction, damage, jeopardy, lethality and hurt. And in such an environment how can they believe that their children will grow into better persons? Some of the recent happening in our country will definitely make us stop dead in the tracks and wonder what future has in store for us:

The “Salman Khan Verdict”

A celebrity, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, drinks and drives and runs over his car on the footpath, injuring four and killing one of the pavement dwellers. He is arrested the very next day but is released as there is lack of evidence. The case if filed and the trials continue for 13 long years, during which there are numerous twists and turns and eventually he is sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment. But after two hours of the verdict, the actor gets bail for two days and the decision on his imprisonment is left pending. After two days, the High court suspends his prison sentence until the next hearing in July. Does this incident portray a better image of the Indian judiciary system? Does this mean that if any other young man or woman runs his/her car over few men, the judicial system will set them free of all the accusations and allegations? Does this verdict guarantee peace of mind for the rest of the life?

The “money: big boss” concept

It is quite evident that money plays a major role in almost everything. Although it is true that money can’t buy everything but it can definitely buy people. This is what has been happening and what is happening today. The corruption cycle is in full swing. From the PM to CM to MLAs to DM to other legislative or council member- each one of them is involved. People buy people, people by justice, people buy fame, people buy honor and what not. Rape victims are denied justice. Rapists are set free. The police keeps their search mission on, for the accused, but they end up with nothing. The “big people” or the “rich-famous” buy the judiciary officials. The judgement is always in their favor. No wonder why Salman’s verdict is still pending. At the end of the day it is the middle class man who suffers.

The unorthodox traditions

Be it a wedding or a divorce, birth or funeral, success or failure, Indians react to the situation with bells on. On one side we want our children to call a spade a spade and on the other side we restrain ourselves from standing for the right thing. Perhaps writing on this point would elicit emotions that would require another ten pages to pen down. Welcome to the society where dowry is not acceptable but the tradition of return gifts or exchange of expensive gifts is a must; where child marriage is not acceptable and is a criminal offense, but getting your daughter’s marriage fixed when she is just 4, is a must; where failing in a course is unacceptable but bribing the teacher for distinction is a must; where working and earning from home is unacceptable but getting a job is a must.

The “Reservation” system

The debate on the reservation on the basis of caste, is inconclusive and has no clear cut lines. Be it schools or colleges or exams or offices, everywhere there is the dilemma of getting into the merit list. There have been and still are so many cases of suicide attempts because of the reservation system. Can this be eliminated? Who is responsible? What is the alternative? Does anyone has answer to all these? No.

Perhaps these four are the major highlighted issues that anyone can think of right now. The country is reeking with corruption in every field. But is this the right example we are setting for the youth? We believe that the environment shapes up the children, but is the environment right? Scientists believe that there are genes responsible for excessive rage and violence, so does that make some people evil from birth? These are the questions that have open end answers and tying the lose ends is practically impossible. What is possible, is the determination to bring about the change and to eliminate the evil from the environment. Only then can this country become a better place to live in.


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  1. I agree to the fact that certain loopholes are persisting in the Indian aroma which, at times, overtake the merit. I also agree that this can devoid the deserving people of their rights. But which nation is perfect? If we choose to curse this country and move out or just stay here anyway, will we like our next generation to grow in a similar environment? No, we are not perfect. No, this nation is not perfect. But it is for us to make the difference and initiate the transition. If this environment is not good for Indian youth, we must take the challenge and make it one!


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