Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

“Lucky are the ones who can hold their beloved whenever they want to!”

The title and the opening quote definitely create a sense of contradiction in your mind about the topic itself. With the emergence of the concept of global citizens and the changing definition of the love based on the perception of the individual, it is one of the important points to ponder upon! Do long distance relationships work?


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Yes, the distance makes the heart grow fonder but how to cope up with that constant desire to be surrounded by your partner but not finding it so? How to be so sure of the commitment of your partner and overcome the physical desires with mental strength? These are a few of the many questions that surround every person who is about to enter a long distance relationship or the one who is already into one!
Despite such insecurities, any average human being will prefer to avoid the long distance transition or trauma, if I am allowed to be blunt enough! True, No? NO!


Well, first thing first, love is not for the ones who are weak and look for excuses to escape life. Being in a relationship with someone for the sake of fulfilling your physical desires and other needs in the name of love is nothing but foolish! Love is a pure divine state for two brave souls who are willing to sacrifice in equal amount and this is where the surpass the bounds of the time and distance and accept the individual for the sake of their individuality. Yes, the physical reference is a step up in any relationship but pay attention when I said it is a “step-up”. The basic level is the compatibility of the brains and the profound affection for the personality of any human being. The message is loud and clear! Yes, the long distance relationship works. Now, to have a balanced role and to answer the most of the cravings every human face, a few things can be done. Although nothing substitutes the pleasure of physical embracing but that passion for making it work, stay and try hard.

Make the best use of technical advancements

When the entire world is just a click away, why are you far from your partner? Have a conversation with them the moment you want and make sure you are present when they need you as well. Skype is the ultimate destination for most of the lovers in LDR.

Communicate and discuss it all

The perks of a long-distance relationship are that before settling in bed with your partner, you have an opportunity to know them! Talk and talk a lot about each and everything in your life on or off the board. Communication is the ultimate key, to be honest!

Take time to visit

Okay! The one with whom you find yourself compatible is miles away. So? Take your turn, visit him/her there and spoil each other with the memories for a lifetime. Make sure that you make every moment count with your partner.

Retain individual identity

One of the mistakes most people make and then blame the LDR is losing your personal identity. Your partner may be in the center of your social hangouts but at the same time, do not lose what and who you are! Yes, drowning in love to some extent is justifies but then domain has to be limited for all the obvious reasons.


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