How to make educational trips useful?

The mere mention of educational trips used to have a magical effect on all of us during our school days. To us, the opportunities were extensions in disguise of what we had in mind. One has got to agree that apart from the educational angles, we looked forward to the trip because of the fun, companionship and freedom. However, educational trips might mean establishing close bondage with our classmates or experiencing new things or even having a day out of our monotonous daily routines. But whatever be the scopes, the advantages it renders to a student is worth being exploited.

Educational Trip India

So here are few tips to make use of your educational trips in a way that could prove great to you in the long run.

Fuel your curiosity

‘Curiosity is the key to knowledge’ and what could be a better way of learning than asking questions? Sometimes the places we are taken to might not show the subject of our interest but that does not mean it lacks scope of building our curiosity in the same. All we have to do is be a good observer and remain interested. Whether you go to a wildlife sanctuary or a historical place, there are handfuls of aspects which not only need our attention but also our awareness. You might hesitate asking too many questions from your guide or teacher but that shouldn’t be so as learning is a never ending process. When you stop asking questions, you fool yourself. So every time you come across something new, pause there and try to know how useful its existence is, irrespective of its significance to your interest. Who knows what it might lead you to?

Talk with the people around

A new environment is supposed to make you feel uneasy initially but when you explore out of your comfort-zone, the rewards are generally worth it. Not every now and then you are leaving your classroom and venturing the world that has much more to offer than we even imagine. Educational trips are the most favorable occasions which could bring you close to knowing about cultures different than yours. You may have many friends for company and the idea of interacting with other people could seem a less attractive idea. But in case you want to learn about the place in manual, you must mingle with the local people. Nobody could give you better information than the people living there, and probably who have much more to share than books.

Note things down

You’re still in the age where a pen and paper can work wonders, so why not use it? Jotting things down is important as it helps you remember, relate and co-relate things. Educational trips are inefficacious if you don’t really note down the significant things you come across. The notes you keep are not a mere fact-sheet but your lifeline to winning debates or have an upper-hand in discussions because you are equipped with evidences and proof. It is a medium of evaluating your present knowledge with the real-life gathering of facts. Beginning from the special cuisine to the historical figures to the language of the place you visit, everything holds its importance as long as your pen and paper is keeping tabs on it.

Research scholars have surveyed and found out that enriching field trips bring out the best in students, if exploited well. Students with a strong inclination to such trips are mostly skilled critical-thinkers, able historical empathizers, in-depth researchers, and have high level of tolerance. So keep your sincerity bar high and make your trips enjoyable, memorable and most importantly, knowledgeable.


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