Make these summer holidays productive for your kid

Summer holidays is that time of the year, which predominantly all the kids wait for. These holidays don’t only mark the beginning of another adventure for them, but also kickstarts a lot of plans that they’ve made for themselves. Apart from the kids, the parents also have a lot of plans in the head that would help the kid spend this time more productively, so that the kid doesn’t lose touch with studies and trains for other things simultaneously. The best part about summer holidays is that you can experiment with a lot of things and figure out what works the best for the kid.

Kids Holidays

So here is a compact list of the combination that you can try this summer.


Travelling will give your kid the exposure that he/she has been missing at school or at home. Seeing things that they read about in textbooks can actually help them gain interest in studies and a particular subject too. Take the kid to places that will help him/her learn more about his subjects, about things of his/her interest or just about the world in general. Trivia often help kids to find what they like the most and they can then decide a career for themselves.


Make your kid learn a new language this summer. It could be anything that interests him/her. A new language will introduce the kid to a new world, will make him/her aware that other languages are as beautiful as his/her own and he/she might want to learn more about other countries as well. For a kid who is naturally good at expressing him/herself through language, this might just be the best gift you could ever give them.


Make sure you train your kid in at least one sport in his summer holiday regime. This is the only time when the kid doesn’t have to go to school and tuitions and can take out time for him/herself. And that is why this is the best time to master a sport which is of his/her interest. Along with the sport the kid will master the art of discipline, teamwork, leadership and confidence. Sports often bring a whole new confidence in kids and make them active too.


This is where you will have to make a schedule so that everything else apart from studies also gets proper attention. No doubt a kid will have to study for a couple of hours during the day to stay in touch with the syllabus but too much studies could also be bad. If the kid doesn’t focus on anything else but studies, he may not be able to develop his personality or learn new things. So allocate time according to the importance of things.


The best time to devote some of your attention to the kid’s interest in music is summer vacation. This is the time when your kid can go to the guitar classes he has been begging you to take him to. This is the time when your growing up girl can learn the basics of ballet and this is the time when singing teachers will give proper attention to the little singer in your house. So try not to miss this opportunity and give the kid the freedom to do what he/she actually likes.

It is important that you take all these things into consideration for an all-round development of your kid. If you focus more on studies and less on something that the kid wants to do, then eventually the kid will lose interest in everything. Life will become monotonous and the kid will become lazy. Also, it is the need of the hour to make the kids ready for anything and everything so all sorts of training is good training. Hope you and your kid have a good time planning out the summer holiday schedule. Happy holidays!


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