Maruti S-Cross 2016 Car Review

Maruti has been for long has been in entry level car business. Their first attempt to enter luxury market with the introduction of Grand Vitara failed primarily because of two reasons – petrol engine and the price it carried. There was also a huge gap between the best-selling Maruti products and the Grand Vitara. The non-existent sale figure finally brought an end to the Grand Vitara but Maruti continued to make its way through the premium cars. The S-Cross took birth then and there. The oddly shaped car sure attracted a lot of criticism because of the looks and the new marketing chain Maruti was introducing to sell it through – Nexa. It has been a long time since S-Cross has been in the market, let’s see how good the car is.

Maruti S-Cross


The S-Cross is sold as premium crossover and sure looks odd but the looks do grow on you after you spend some time with the car. The car is big in proportions and to give justice to the crossover tag, the S-Cross has faux skid plates in the front and rear. The front grille could have been better. The gap between the two chrome slats are not very interesting.

From the side, the 16-inch wheels and the plastic cladding all around makes the S-Cross look very muscular and strong. The alloy wheels though, look more like wheel caps. The rear of the S-Cross is a simpler design with not much experimentation. The large tail lamps are the only striking highlights in the rear.

Maruti S-Cross


S-Cross carries a lot of space, when I say a lot, it means it can hold 5 occupants and still have space for all the luggage in the rear. The rear seats can recline and become very cozy for long distance drives.

The quality of the interiors is also top-notch. The dashboard is neatly laid out with smart infotainment system which can connect to Apple CarPlay and Google Auto. The steering wheel is good to hold and has buttons to control the infotainment system. The seats are very supportive and are comfortable for long use. The car gets dual airbags for uneventful situations.

Overall, the interiors have been done up to mark and feels very roomy and airy.


The car is powered by two engine options and both of them are diesel. The smaller 1,248cc engine is an 87 bhp engine that also generates 200 Nm of maximum torque. The more powerful one introduced for the first time ever. The 1,598cc or 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine has a maximum power output of 116 bhp with 320 Nm of maximum torque.

Maruti S-Cross


S-Cross did not take off the shelves initially, primarily because of the swelled price tag it came with. Maruti soon realized that and slashed by the prices massively. Right now S-Cross costs between Rs. 8.03 lakh and 12.03 lakh. It makes for an excellent choice if you go exploring on weekends with the whole family. The car is powerful, is loaded with features, spacious and most importantly, carries a Maruti brand name with it.


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