Pre-marital Sex Rate amongst Indian Youth on a Rise

Camouflaging the concept of sex-after-marriage, a keen yet straightforward introspection reveals an astounding data that undoubtedly conveys the increment in the pre-marital sex rate in India. Believed to be surfacing its revival roots in the motherland through the dominant Western culture, the pre-marital sex has turned out to witness some erroneous and accelerated facts and figures. Not only have the urban lands been affected by this tantalizing phenomenon of sheer pleasure to the youth, but also the rural areas stand impacted, and that too on a larger scale.

Studies have confined us to the fact that a considerable fraction of the young population is indulged in protected or unprotected acts of premarital sex. Statistical figures from the urban areas reveal that around 11% males and 2% females admitted to have had premarital sex. Shockingly, the number increased in the rural areas, where the data implied a rise to 21% in males, and 4% in females. Unwanted or untimely pregnancy, increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases, and injuries to sexual health are the deteriorating consequences of these factual results.

The scenario manipulates the situations in to a viciously detestable and devastating nature. The unwanted increment in the rate seems to have risen primarily because of the lack of prior and proper awareness among the Indian youth regarding healthy sex. The little or no knowledge in regard of sexual health, and as to how the body behaves to sexual copulations and intercourse at the young age, tends to define the severity of the situation. In addition, around 55% of the young population stands utterly darkened to the dangers persisting to the sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STIs/STDs).

A major reason for this unawareness is the inability to gain proper sex education amongst the youth of that very age. Patronising this inability, the figures of the rural areas are worse. Studies and researches have rendered the information that only 26% females and 13% males have been subjected to sex education in the Indian schools. Basic information regarding sex and the dangers of unprotected intercourse is only reachable to around 2/5th of the young population. The terms STIs and STDs are only viable to one out of seven persons. The contradiction to proper sex education lies in the immensity in non-conveyance of the same. Even when the youths are desirous to know about the issues of consummating at an early age, they are unable to fetch and obtain prior answers from the health centres. Most prefer their teachers for fulfilment of their knowledge part, rather than associating with parents or sex education centres.

Hence, a strong and powerful necessity has risen to counterattack this scenario. Premarital sex under a particular age must be ceased, be it through necessary education, information, or awareness. The foremost and primary step in reducing the same lies in the proper propagation, conveyance and rendering of the needful sex education to the adolescents, who are more prone to this dismantling. Governments at the central and district level must indulge in promoting the establishments of adolescent-friendly health clinics where the youngsters can straightforwardly clarify their intentions and unclear knowledge about premature and premarital sex, that too without shame. Thereafter, a proper survey at particular intervals can lead to statistical and steady eradication of unwanted health issues. In addition, parents should turn out to be straight to their wards regarding the issues concerning to sex and health. The tabooed sex education should be strictly included in the curriculum of the adolescents to make them familiar with the ill and afflicted consequences of premature sex.


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