Prepare your teenage girl for her first Periods

A human body tends to change and grow, there are numerous of changes taking place in a human body every other second and minute and it is said to be the most complex physical composition. Whether a boy or a girl both witness certain changes in their bodies with their respective ages but because a girl is considered to fulfil the fundamental task of Resonation/Reproduction (giving birth to a baby) thus, she is supposed to observe certain complex changes in her body so that with the growing age she can learn to adjust and accommodate according to the desired functions and can also take a good care of her body to keep it fit and fine.

With the growing age her body parts get to grow and develop and attain maturity, and besides this the most complex yet basic change that takes place in a girl’s body is the beginning of her Menstrual Cycle/Periods. Well, I will not much elaborate this topic but will give just a brief introduction that the menstrual cycle is basically a natural and an essential change that takes place in the Uterus and Ovary of a female’s body  in order to make the process of reproduction possible. This beginning of the menstrual cycle is actually an indication that the uterus of the girl’s body is now being prepared and ready to attain pregnancy. The average age in girls for menstruation to begin is between 12-13 years but it is also considered to be normal if it begins somewhere between the age of 8-16 years.

When a girl is small she least knows and understands the complexities of her body but at the same time she cannot neglect the very basic facet of her life, a time will surely come when she will have to encounter with certain unknown functions of her body and it might be possible that instead of understanding those complexities with ease, she gets nervous and perplexed hence it is important to make a girl wholly aware about her body and the changes which are bound to take place in the same. It might be troublesome for a young girl to manage if she is not pre-informed about the functions like menstruation. The time has gone on when we used to be shy and hesitant about talking and sharing about periods, but now things have become very normal and casual and I think it should be, because there is nothing there to feel shy about. Generally, it is the mother, elder sister, female teacher, or any friend in the family/neighbour/school/, who can guide and inform a young girl about menses and can in a way help her to manage during those days of the month. Following are some of the things to keep in mind:
  1. Raise her familiarity : when the girl crosses the age of 10 years that is the right time to teach her about the physical changes that will soon take place in her body and also about how to manage during those times. This will make her familiar with the changes and she would not get nervous when the periods will actually begin to take place and in fact she will better know how and what to do at that time. Tell her about each and every detail related to her own body and other bodily developments.
  2. Supportive atmosphere at home: young girls should be brought up in a supportive and open minded atmosphere where they can freely talk and share her feelings and issues related to their bodily changes with the parents, elders and siblings. Nothing is better than living in a home with open-minded people who fully understand the feminine issues.
  3. Teach about Hygiene: hygiene is a very important part during those days of the month, and young girls should be informed and taught about keeping a good hygiene during the periods. A good sanitation can avoid many fungal infections thus girls should completely be informed about how and why to maintain hygiene during their monthlies.
  4. Celebrate her Femininity: menstruation is a symbol of femininity thus when your young girl observes her first menses, make her feel very special and good. Congratulate her for stepping ahead on the ladder of womanhood, and let her sense the fact that she is now ready to assist in the universal life cycle.

Menses is certainly a tough time for a girl because many physical as well as mental changes all together take place in her body, as on one hand she is bearing the physical pain on the other hand she is going through emotional perplexities/mood swings/irritation/dullness etc. Knowledge, information and awareness can lessen these symptoms thus young girls should be prepared and informed in such a manner that they know why such changes take place and how to manage in those changes.


  1. Teenage is crucial not just from the mental point of you but also endorses the physical changes in one’s life. This is a little harder for a girl child. Sudden physical changes and hormonal disbalance is all set to the development of a complex. The best way to handle the same is to communicate with your daughter. Be her friend and introduce her to the new happenings beforehand. Support her in and out and you are doing it right!


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