Problems of university education

Educating the next generation of a nation is something that requires utmost care and attention. However, discarding the concept of perfection, the problems do persist from time to time. If we discuss the problems of the university education across the globe and particularly of India, the following can be a few of the many:


Admission crisis

The first and the foremost is to get into one. To be bluntly honest, higher education is expensive and is clearly out of the reach of millions. This is the time where the admission crisis actually begins to foster! Despite the increase in a number of the educational institutions and the wide range of the courses being offered by them; higher education is something that keeps troubling the pockets of a major section of the society.

The research which is not so researched!

The heading says it all! The research which is ‘paper-researched’ put in a place collecting the fragments from multiple sources is what it creates the trouble for the university students. The lack of desire but interest in marketing has lent the self-claimed research driven university tags to many of the institutions out there when the truth is solely different. Almost no attention is being paid to the aspects and this is where we fail in fostering the research for the students and lack the rankings.

The curriculum catastrophe

The alliteration of the caption may raise many brows but the truth is that the restriction in the curriculum is an alarming doorbell. We are restricting the imagination inside the type of the books we want them to study. Stuck to the same syllabus, our students either refuse to know more or at times refuse to do so in an order to score higher! Being designed around the subject than being centered on the students is what it takes to a whole new level of destruction.

Poor student-faculty communication

Not to blame the student alone for this, the faculties are equally responsible. The attitude of the involved interface is registered to be money minded and has seldom any interest in serving the purpose to serve the education. Irregularity, laziness and weird attitude towards them cause problems for the students.

The medium to instruct

This is something which is generally not taken care of and is one of the least attended topics. The medium of the instruction is something that needs to be common and everyone is able to understand the same. In the global world with immense diversity in a class of say 50 students; the language of the masses would do no good to the people of other cultural backgrounds. The non-uniform medium of instruction is the most common of the problems being faced.

Faulty education system

The last but the prime of all! The loops in the education system itself is what it makes the life poor and pose a sincere threat to the future of the nation builders. These defects are sure-shot set to degrade the standard of the learning and even teaching and this is what is more troublesome.

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  1. We were blaming the faulty education system on a hand but then grabbing the seat in admission procedure is further a no less challenge! Higher education concepts in India are mostly inherited from the west. We need to understand that education environment is different in India based upon the mindsets of the people. It is thus necessary that we create an environment indigenously. Also, the UGC must intervene and prevent the commercialization of the education business.


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