Responsibilities of a girl’s parents after her marriage

It is true that a girl brought up in Indian society moves out of her parents’ home after marriage; however, it is not necessary that they move out of her life. In a contemporary setting, open communication between the girl and her parents post her marriage is not only possible, but also crucial.

Father Daughter Marriage

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For a newlywed bride, everything will seem new. No matter how much one prepares for life post marriage, the girl is bound to encounter challenges. In making her understand her new responsibilities, the parents can help her out. In addition to this, they need to be there for her in her ups and downs. While it is only correct that you make your child independent on all aspects, including emotions, there are many times when she will need someone to boost her spirit. Here, the parents can provide mental support in a way that no one else can.


A daughter will always need her parents to fall back on in times of need. While it is true that she now has a partner and a new family, it is also true that she will always seek and value her parents’ advice. In addition to the values you have inculcated in your daughter, regular guidance in reference to the same is also important. Boost her confidence. As elders, you can make sure she gives due regard to her new family, and is able to tackle her duties as a wife or daughter- in- law; you may guide her in understanding the difference between right and wrong in a new setup, and reduce her insecurities or worries.


Parents are always protective of their children; and once your daughter leaves home, you will wish to be privy to her life. However, it is important to take a step back and tune your control over her. Intervene when required, do not interfere. Guide her; do not try to sway her judgements. If you take too much control of her life, it is bound to have negative repercussions for her. The aim is to have faith in her and let her grow on her own. As a responsible parent, you must create a healthy environment for her and encourage positivity.


Once the daughter enters the phase of motherhood, the parents play a critical role in empowering her. Through the highs and lows of her health, they can be her strongest support. She is ready to take on a new responsibility, a new role. As parents, you must now prepare her for this beautiful journey. When she becomes a mother, you must be active in spending time with her children and creating a warm bond within the family. In this way, you can be a mentor to your grandchildren, and also take care of your daughter’s welfare.


Life is not a bed of roses. There will be hard times when she will look up to you for assistance. In these times, support her decisions and keep her spirits up. Teach her how to adjust with her partner and how to stay resilient in times of crisis. If your daughter loses her husband, or seeks divorce, you must stand by her. Empower her, do not pressurize her. She must know that you will always be there for her, and that she is never alone.

Your daughter will always be your little girl. You are as responsible for her health and happiness post- marriage, as you were before. Channelize your concern for her in a manner that is of advantage to both the families, and there shall be no harm.


  1. Great advice. Marriage is a turning point in our life. So we have to be careful in choosing a life partner.

    Thank you very much for this writing. Have a nice time ahead.


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