Responsibilities of the youth

The youth, the future of the nation and the people who have the power and the destiny to change the nation have certain responsibilities towards the country too. The youth is often considered as the most powerful part of the population and that is probably the most correct way to describe the youth. Today’s youth will soon take over the country and change it for the better and the nation will see a revolution. The Che Guevara’s of tomorrow are in the making and underestimating the youth of today is the biggest mistake that one can make.


The responsibilities of the youth that we talk about are not only towards themselves or their families but also towards the nation. The nation has been anticipating the arrival of a generation which will change the way things are understood and done in the country, for the better of course. The youth of today, with its fresh ideas and opinions will soon bring about a change that will change the way the world looks at India.

Create sustainable development – A development which is not reckless and is not based on the smallish picture of today. We’re talking about the development which will change the economic and the social landscape of the country, which will see the light of day and will not change, but change others who become a part of it. A development which has a role for every strata of society and the youth from all the sectors will contribute to it and will be proud of it.

Changing the mentality – To change what you don’t like in the country has always been the responsibility of the youth. We often come across opinions which are absolutely not acceptable and thus, youth should take up the responsibility of changing the mentality which has been continuing since centuries and is pulling the country down. I am not saying that conventional is bad, I am only saying that conventional which is senseless needs to be changed.

Taking the country forward – The youth with its immense power and talent can take India to the next level, it can make India prosperous, developed and multi-faceted. The country can become a global superpower because of the manpower and the potential it has to perform in every single field – technical or creative. Soon we will see an outburst of talent which will guide the progress of the country.

Changing the education system – We all have, at some point or the other, expressed our discontent with the current education system of this country. We need to change it so that the newer generations don’t face the discrepancy between what is taught and what is required to lead a successful life like we all did. Children need to be taught according to their interest and not according to the guidelines set by the government or the education board. This will also reduce the loss of talent.

Exploring new avenues – the conventional idea of working only in the fields which give you a good career and a high salary needs to be trashed. The youth needs to help the nation to figure out the various ways to use the talent and the potential it has. We cannot afford the talent to go to waste and we need to start working on the career opportunities for the unconventional talent right now.

The country, believe it or not, is in dire need of a revolution and the only hope we have is the youth. With their vision and farsightedness, the youth can bring to the plate not only changes, but freshness which the country could use to give itself an image makeover. India is a young country and it needs to start acting like one, we have a long way to go and we need to start working towards it.

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  1. Responsibilities of youth are raised more than ever before. On a hand, the environment is depleting while on the other the economy needs a stable man to help it achieve a fine state. Indian youth must understand that their power lies in establishing a nation full of ideas and hope. For this, you need to build yourself as well as the country. Improvement in education system and generation of employment is equally important.


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