Role of social media in bringing social change

Social media is a platform that has brought the world on the same platform. It is an interface that brought people closer to each other and removed the distances. Having a mass following to a great extent, it is supposed to be the part and parcel of our lives.

We are in a time where the government is running the digital India campaign and plans to connect the remote areas with the internet and social platform. The motive of the campaign is to bring the last person of the society to a level where he can connect with the world. Let us have a look at the role of the social media that will be accountable to bring the change in society.

Ever since human race evolved, the communication has been an effective medium to convey the feelings and the emotions. The social media is again serving the same purpose but to a larger audience at the same time. The wider outreach seems to be beneficial on one end, however, can be equally thrashing at the same time. An irresponsible communication will lead to mutual conflict and thus result into tensions.

Soial Change

Thus, the right communication with all the perspectives stated in a fine manner is a major factor that can have a huge societal impact.


If any medium has successfully brought united the world under the same roof, it is the social media. If a diverse country like that of ours stays united despite all the differences, thanks to the broad-mindedness of our forefathers. Now, it is the responsibility of the same people to accept the diversity online as well. The idea is that if the anti-social elements tend to destroy the integrity of the country, a logical reasoning and facts must encounter the anti forces.
This has to be done via the medium of social media by the social people. This diverse environment bind together spreads the fragrance of the national integrity.

Social campaigns

It is not that the days of the rallies, street shows, plays and other mediums of the awareness campaign are over! But the fact that online surveys, campaigns and ideas are transmitted and conducted faster and in an efficient manner. It is certainly a task of responsibility to conduct the survey and convey the rights facts and figures.

These campaigns need to be consulted with the correct facts and figures before getting them online. Social media is an agent to provide the better digital analytics, better records and the results. We all saw how nirbhaya rape case in the national capital turned to be a youth movement on a large scale in no time! Anna movement in 2011 was a big hit because of the better social online management.


The stereotypic thinking is that the government is functional only from the offices of different ministers and under the democrats. However, as the internet spread across the world and social media knew no bounds, governing online is the new cool!

Right from the head of the state to every leader are actively making the use of social media and upload the updates of what they have been doing! This has given a tool in hands of the common people to question their representatives since their work is now known to the general public. This is nothing less than a social reform which has been fostered by the social media!


  1. In a country as diverse as India, the social media has a potential to accommodate all without having to ask for much of the efforts. The social media can be seen as a medium of mass communication which seeks nothing but your time. Its utilisation can be done eminently to govern. Suggestions and constructive criticism is to be taken up seriously. Youth promoted events are further a cheery to the cake!


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