Royal Enfield bikes and Missing modern features: We explain

Royal Enfield bikes have been around for ages now. Over the time the Royal Enfield motorcycles have received more advanced technologies to keep them up to date in the market. However, there are many who believe that the bikes from the Indian brand is outdated and are not at all modern.


We bring you advanced features that Royal Enfield motorcycles have incorporated over the years and a few features that are missing and why.

Alloy wheels

All the Royal Enfield bikes come with spoked wheel and there’s a good reason for it. Royal Enfield motorcycles have a vintage look to them and alloy wheels do not exactly reciprocate the vintage looks of a bike. The spoke wheels are lighter, and are easier to maintain too.

Alloy wheels do not flex as much as the spoke wheels and hence, they are not as versatile as the alloy wheels. Even the modern looking Himalayan comes with spoke wheels because they are much better when it comes to longevity and ruggedness.

Tubeless tyres

Spoke wheels and tubeless tyres do not go wheel. Because there are many holes to be filled to make a spoked rim tubeless friendly, even the high-end bikes from Triumph and BMW do not offer tubeless tyres with their spoke wheeled models. Yes, it is extremely inconvenient but the technology to make the spoked rim fit tubeless tyre is just too expensive to be introduced in the segment.

Closed-loop fuel injection

A few Royal Enfield bikes offer fuel injection but they do not have an oxygen sensor that can change the fuel-air ratio according to the needs. For example, when a bike goes to high altitudes, the air becomes thin and if the fuel is continued to be supplied as if the oxygen level is regular, the fuel fails to burn properly. It causes the bike to jerk and misfire. The closed loop fuel injection systems are expected to be introduced soon in the Royal Enfield bikes.


Royal Enfield has the technology to equip the bikes with ABS and they do it in their export models but none of their Indian bikes are equipped with ABS in India yet. Again, ABS increases the price by at least 10-15 thousand, which will impact the value-for-money Royal Enfields.

Fuel indicator

Most of the Royal Enfield bikes miss out on the fuel indicators. Now there is no explanation on why do they do this. Only explaining is that they want to maintain the single-dial simple looking console, that’s why the fuel indicators are missing from popular models like Classic, Thunderbird and Continental GT.

Apart from these missing features, Royal Enfield bikes are moderately modern. They are come with Unit Constructed Engine (UCE), electric start, disc brakes and extended warranty. Even their manufacturing facility now uses robots and modern technology to build bikes. We will soon bring an article on how Royal Enfield has become modern over the years and are much reliable than before now.


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