Secret 7 Things that Empower a Woman

It is not understandable why the woman of the house should be quietened and numbed. The woman breeds and nurtures the child. The child grows up into a beautiful woman or a handsome man. Why should not the woman be respected and empowered to be able to make her own decisions? She is as much entitled to a life of empowerment as a man.

What is empowerment of a woman? It means to hand over a sword and a mike (Not!) to a woman; empowering her would mean to consider her an equal with men, to give her a voice in the democracy of the country, to let her have control over her life and to be able to make her own decisions. In other words, she should be able to exercise a free will in all the walks of life: her choice of clothing, her education, her career and her choice of a life partner.

Women Empowerment

Below are the ‘Secret Seven’ things that empower a woman:-

1. Self-belief

Believing in yourself is a cliche’ but a great gem nevertheless. A woman should learn to believe herself. She should be able to trust her abilities. It is only when she does so that her independence and self-worth will be retained. Self-belief comes with time.

2. Self-love

The woman should be able to love herself unconditionally. A healthy self-love that stops short of narcissism. Consequently, the woman would be able to stand by and support herself in the face of adversities. Make yourself your best friend! Make yourself happy! (Always)

3. Education

The big ‘E’ here is education: not the education that comes from rote-learning but another form: developing a sound mentality. A sound mentality that enables her to take the right decisions in life. Moreover, the woman should be able to sustain support herself financially, emotionally and mentally.

4. Style

A sense of individual style of dressing enhances self-confidence. It is not necessary to flow with the trend always.Develop your own style in which you are confident and comfortable. Style reflects your personality! Dressing up for occasions show that you are ready for and have respect for them.

5. Character

Francis Bacon said: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost. something is lost; when character is lost, everything is lost.” Your character is one of the most beautiful presents you have. Respect yourself!

6. Legal Support

The rules and regulations of a country should be strict. It is extremely empowering for a woman to know that the law is by her side.

Punishment should be awarded for eve-teasing, rapes and other forms of coercion. More than that, more and more women should be encouraged to raise their voice against such criminal activities.

7. Right Friends

Every woman should surround herself with men and women who respect her womanhood. This extends to her spouse as well. You should ensure that your spouse respects and supports you. Your friends should cocoon you!

How else do you think that a woman can be empowered?


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