Self Defence Education for Girls should be mandatory in Schools

We all are very well aware of the present scenario of our Indian society and the worsening situation of the Indian women into the same. Since we are living in a Patriarchal society, Indian women have always been subjected to domination, suppression and exploitation however, it is the sheer determination and courage of our Indian women who have been struggling and fighting against the dictatorship and the exploitations. Indian women have witnessed a long journey of suppressions and dominance for a long time now, they have been controlled by the male chauvinists of our society and the current condition is that that the females are now no more safe and secured at all.
Self Defence training for girls

The crimes and violence against the females have been increased immensely, not even a single day, hour; minute or a second is safe for any female in our country. Every day and every hour there is news of rape, kidnapping, molesting, domestic violence, trafficking against the females and in such a case there is a deliberate need that the females must prepare themselves for their own security and safety. When the young girls/women are in trouble and they seek help they find no one to rescue which is indeed a shame as well as a saddening thing for the people of our country, India had been also a holy land where women were being worshipped as the Goddess, and see the irony over here  that at the one hand we worship the female as an epitome of Shakti/as Maa Durga/Saraswati/Laxmi but on the other hand in reality we beat, molest, exploit and destroy a female while considering her as a mere object of flesh. Thus, this is a high time now that the females get ready to protect themselves, and for this they must be given the self-defence education right from their early age.

Self-defence education should become mandatory in the schools and colleges too so that they need not to look for anyone’s help at the time of any unexpected attack on them and can become self-reliant and can also become helpful for others as well at the time of some problem. Young girls should be given formal training of self-defence techniques including the training of Judo/Karate/Marshall Arts/Basic defensive techniques; right from their early age (6-14 years) because at this time the body is also flexible and it can easily adopt and implement the various forms and positions of the techniques. Teachers and the trainers should be strict and disciplined in this concern and should motivate and counsel the girls to learn all the defensive technique in a proper manner.

Benefits of the Self-Defence Education for the females:

  1. Raises self-confidence and self-esteem in the females.
  2. Increases self-reliance in a female, she needs not to rely on someone else for her own protection and safety.
  3. A female can also become helpful and a rescuer for others as well, at the time of unseen/unexpected problem.
  4.  A female becomes alert, attentive and disciplined; her body becomes shaped, toned and flexible.
Hence, self-defence education must be included in the curriculum for the girls in the education system, until unless it becomes mandatory no one will consider it seriously and would be ignorant of its benefits. In our society we need to teach the females to become empowered by realizing and manifesting their own strength, courage and physical power. Females have never been weak neither physically nor mentally it is just that; their mental strength has been wrecked continuously by the patriarchal pattern of our Indian society. Women have been a symbol of affection and love and they would continue to be the same but the present situation demands them to become even stronger now and that is why they are required to create a safe environment by themselves. Self-defence education does not mean to teach the females to begin hating the men-folks of the society and nor to misuse this very education but it means to teach them when nobody comes to help them, they should become their own Gods.


  1. The self-defense is not just a practice but an art. The kind of aura we, the Indians, dwell in; it goes necessary for us to impart the training of self-defense to all our girls. At the same time, it is necessary for us to offer an environment for the constructive criticism to them. These two things will promote a society where girls not only feel safe but are capable enough to backfire, if necessary.


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