Sex Education in Schools : The need of the hour?

A country where the terms like ‘kamasutra’ originated, a debate over imparting sex education in the schools is quite ironical. However, any debate shall be taken positively and all the aspects must be taken into the consideration. Having developed an insight after the analysis of the arguments which were presented by the two indulged parties, sex education is strongly recommended for the students in schools.

School is the primary temple of education and every kid hit adolescence in his school years. Keeping this in mind, I feel that acquainting students with their own body is not harmful. Rather, this will be of a great help in raising the responsible citizens of tomorrow to lead India.


Here, I have put up a few counter arguments supporting the sex education in schools.

Earlier the better

The phrase says it all! Earlier we presented the process of progeny development, sex, contraceptives and related technical terms, better it is for all of us! This will instill a sense of responsibility in our to-be-leaders. It will also be an undercurrent awareness campaign resolving the purpose in no harm to anyone.

Women empowerment

The basic of empowering our girls is to let them grow! No growth can take place without the confidence. Further, the spirit of the confidence can be marred by improper treatment indulging the sex organs. To provide the correct details of contraceptives, pregnancy, prevention and hygiene, empower the girls with right elements of the sex education.

Make them future ready

Development of sex organs, menstruation in girls, facial hairs, pubic hairs and internal release of the organs mark the puberty. Personal hygiene is the prime concern in this age for both the genders. Thus, to prepare them for the future; sex education is mandatory.

Counter the myths

Blame it on the Indian myths or the way we interpreted the changes of the society. Many of our myths are baseless. Explaining the basic science associated, in a broader perspective, will help our young generation to counter and disown the myths and taboos. This can be easily achieved by teaching the right science involved.

The persisting environment!

Pick up any national daily or scroll through the list of the news channels, rape and molestation cases make headlines every day. The way school kids are molested for the sexual pleasure of few anti-social elements. The unaware kids fall prey to unknown things! Counter this with sex education.

Deliver the right facts

When the world is just a click away, sex education is a no exception. When the ‘new’ body changes are put up, unaware of how to deal with it, Google is sought to for the answers. Inadequate or wrong facts have negative implications. This will cause a long term negative impact. Thus, to expose correct facts in an early age, sex education is necessary!

Need of the hour

The globalization has made it a need of the hour to deliver the sex education to our students. Either we prepare a fine set of individuals or our progenies lose in the global competition. This process to lead the world counts sex education as an integral part of itself. Thence, go global, go wisely. Impart sex education in Indian schools.


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