Spirit of Volunteerism Among the Youth

A prime resource of any country is the power of its people and primarily the youth of the country. The human-capital is actually the working class which builds the nation and settle the plans to promote the country.

The current world is actually one of them that have seen the most of the changing strata! Thus, the power of the youth has further risen up to a whole new level. We need people who do not only work for the sake of money but are also passionate about the country. The people who would not like to die for the nation, but will live for the country.

In the corporate presence, it will be even silly to talk about anything that registers volunteer efforts, other than business. But as mentioned above, if the nation has to develop unconditionally, we are required to encourage people to volunteer.

Volunteerism India

Since the youth is the promising investment area, let us see how the government can play a role in promoting the spirit of volunteerism among the youth:

Catch patriots

India is the youngest country of the world and in this nation of a billion; it would never be a tough job to spot millions who carry a passion for the nation. All what the government and the system have to do is to advertise and collect such people under one roof. Gather their database and utilize their love for the country to volunteer for various nationalist programs taken up by government.

Recognize their work

One thing that must be recognized on the national level is that, the people who work for the nation shall be appreciated on the national level in all terms. What can be easily done is to award people who volunteered for the country. This will further encourage generations of the people to work in India.

Recruit Ambassadors

Ambassadors signify change. To promote the spirit to volunteer, recruit the ambassadors. Now, the question is, who will be the ambassador working for the same purpose? To remind you guys, the awarded people who already worked as the volunteer will resolve the purpose. They will not only mark the change but be the change. Their work will speak for them and the recognition by the government will be an added benefit for them to reach the masses.

Few compulsory laws

It will appear a little hoax to bring up the volunteers via laws but read over once and you will realize the importance in combating the purpose. If we introduce certain lessons at the elementary level of education in the initial stages of life of an individual, we are instilling a sense of patriotism and volunteering in the young minds of our kids. This can be seen as a future investment. The same kids will grow up tomorrow and practice what they learnt over the years at school.

Involve locals

An old faith says, ‘you can never clap with one hand’ To clap, both the hands have to come together and thus, in a similar manner both the government and the local people have to come together to make this happen. The people in power are supposed to propose the bills, pass the laws and direct the officials for their execution. The implementation and the success of any are solely dependent on how the masses take it to be.

The willing people do exist there in the core of the nation, all what we are required to do is to spot them.

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  1. We are in a commercial world corporate culture has made people money minded. However, to build a country, we need more of the people who are up for volunteering and are efficient too! For this, we need to build an efficient network of the patriots who are capable, talented and ready to give it all in the name of the country. In return, the recognition such as the certificates or an acknowledgement can also serve as an incentive to bring more of the like minded on the same platform.


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