Student’s contribution in nation building

There is no power greater than youth, no force stronger than a young man’s will. As per predictions, India is to have the largest number of young adults in the world by 2020, and that in itself is indeed great news. For a developing nation like India, the youth or the students are a treasure that is invaluable and priceless. They have the power to change the future for good or for bad.
Building up a nation isn’t only about being a part of politics; mostly it is about being a part of a social awakening, a change that matters. So, if you believe that you are an irrelevant voice in the screaming crowd, fret not! You’re a voice that makes that message a little louder.


As a member of the young brigade, here is a list of five things you must NEVER forget if you want to bring change and build up a better India:

You Owe your country

You were born here; you grew up using the resources of this nation. It might be possible that things weren’t smooth enough, and there were a zillion bumps down the road; but never forget that it is your duty to your bit so that it is easier for your children to live in this country. Struggled to get to a good college? Had difficulty in finding a job?

It is time that you figure out what the problem actually is and address it. Maybe, you will go unheard, but put in the effort. You owe at least that effort.

You are not alone

We all are concerned about things going wrong all over the country. Lovers burnt at stake; five year olds gang raped and criminals laughing at the face of law- all of these affect millions of other students like you. Air your views and show the concern but most importantly, try and improve people around you. Maybe, that sounds outlandish and nominal, but individual efforts do matter. A change begins with you. Never forget that.

Raise your voice

Do it! Not for the sake of it, but for the need of it! You see injustice? Unfair practices? The social media is at your rescue twenty four seven. Air your views, speak out! You cannot and should not choose to be silent forever. If you see a problem, make sure it at least reaches the right ears to get it solved.

No voice is too little

Never underestimate your potential. As a young student, there will be people telling you that you are inconsequential in the scheme of things and are helpless; but giving in isn’t an option. If you let it go past, just because raising a voice wouldn’t matter; be prepared to make your next generation suffer the trauma too. Don’t pass on the responsibility, if you don’t take some, no one ever will!

Education is the key to all issues

Maybe not all, but education does solve a lot many problems. From the economy to the social setup; education can bring changes that nothing else can. If you are reading this; consider yourself lucky and if you can, do your bit to help the lesser lucky ones to learn. If you want India to prosper, this is one bet that isn’t going to fail, no matter what!

Being a student in contemporary India isn’t only about earning yourself a nine to five job. The social setup and norms are changing and so is the way of how people live. It is a growing nation at the peak of its glorious youth, and it is high time to assume your role in building it up. Dream big, work hard and stick to your principles. The ride is sure going to be bumpy, but if all of us get hell bent on taking India to the number one position on the world stage; we will definitely have our children breathing in a better country that boasts of being the best in the world someday in near future!

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