Teenage Behavior problems and their solution

You remember how you were once a child, you used to look at things in a very simple and naive manner and suddenly one day, you came to realize that the world comprises of various genders, Male, Female Transgender; it all became complicated. This natural realization of a strange new world gives rise to various complications, no matter how sweet a child was, he/she starts changing, some take it lightly some takes it very hard, for some people, the trauma of the end of childhood never ends for a long period of time. But if those issues are solved while the children are suffering from those behavioral problems, it can help them a lot to cope with this change and adapt them with positive attitude.

Remaining detached from people most of the time.

Detachment from you or the relatives is pretty common in this phase, but you need to understand that maybe he/she doesn’t enjoy the company of relatives anymore, the generation gap starts showing and the teens prefer the company of another teen in the family or his/her friends, all you need to do is give his/her some personal space. Discuss about their problems with them, if he/she is confused about something, give them proper guidance, but give them personal space too, to think things on their own.

Not following rules.

Most of the teens by their very nature becomes rebellious, no parent can do anything about it because that is exactly how the nature works to progress ahead. Teens don’t like when they are told to do something with strictness, rule breaking becomes the coolest thing for them, it makes up their stories like how they bunked the school or how they got home late all drunk and wasted. The simple solution to this is do not dominate them, strict nature won’t work at all, only a loving advice can set them on the right path, talk with them as a friend, ensure them that they can talk about anything with you, and you will be amazed at the results.

Influence of bad company.

This is one of the most crucial matter where you have to make your kid understand the good and bad very clearly. Advise them, but do not force them to leave their friends right away, let them learn a lesson on their own, always remain updated about their friendship but don’t decide who should not be their friends, with your proper guidance he/she will eventually come to know who is right for friendship and who is not. Trust your children and tell them this as well, that you trust them completely, this brings a sense of responsibility in them.

Addiction to gadgets and social media.

Whether it is their PS4, XBOX or the smartphone, almost every teen nowadays is lost in the maze of virtual reality and social media. To solve this complex problem, make some very simple rules like no mobile while you are eating together in the dining area. Encourage them to go out more like for playing outside, gym, etc. Try to have as much conversation with them as you can.

Lying in defense.

If your teen kid is lying to you, then it simply means one thing that he/she fears you that what you going to do if you found out the truth. Lying to cover up their mistake is without a doubt one of the most dangerous solution teen kids can acquire and it can really hurt them in the long run. Be open with your kids assure them that you are with them no matter how worse the condition is and you will always be by their side. Assuring them and loving them is the only way you can connect with your children and which can avoid this kind of problem.

Anger and aggressive nature.

The cause of anger can be anything in teenagers, sometimes it is connected to the teenage heartbreak episode, sometimes due to bullying which leads to the repressed anger. Talking it out is the best thing you can do, and if you observe the frequent change in your kids mood and too much burst in the anger and annoying behaviors then you can also take help of medical counselor.

Using swearing words too often.

You did it, everybody did it, all people one or other time uses swearing words. Teens also learn and use the swearing words while they are with their friends, but too much use of them can surely bring problems, using swear words is obviously bad and you should patiently explain why he/she should avoid using such language and show them talking like a Sir/Lady is actually what considered as cool.

Lack of focus, seriousness towards life.

Teens can readily loose the focus on their studies and try to avoid hard work, at such times you can inspire them by talking about their life goals, about their idols and why should they become focused about certain goal of their life if one day they themselves want to achieve the same position in the future.

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  1. Adolescents or the teenage period is one of the most misunderstood age group of the life of any individual. In this span of years, one is in a transition period. Expected to behave like an adult and treated like children force them to certain bad habits. Another major factor contributing to this can be the influence of the social media. Children in this age must be dealt with utmost care and affection.


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