Teenage and Dating Issues

Dating as a teenager could turn out to be a little complicated with the arousal of following impediments which must be kept in mind on and off.


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While it is very normal to have developed feelings for somebody at such a tender age (I know how grannies will snub you to have lovey-dovey feelings in the first place!) but what one needs to understand is that rejections are normal, and generally overrated. You must keep in mind the reasons which make you lovable and that can make you ‘more’, in case you think you’ve been rejected for dissimilar interests. I have often seen how young girls chase after an illusion they’ve created based on the interests of the people they like. Well, you’re doing something terribly wrong to yourself if you’re in competition to become someone desirable to other people. Be Yourself, Bang On!


People often think depression is an adult’s problem and it is not something concerned to children. Unfortunately, this miserly melancholy in children manifests faster and in different forms than in adults because of their lack of ability to tune in their maturity according to situations. You might feel dispirited for not having been successful inspite of your efforts in your first relationship but don’t let this bite you down to depression. This is ofcourse not the end and this is absolutely not going to be something to regret about. If you’re too upset about something, just talk it out to someone you can lean on. After all, there’s a reason why this World is so colourful.

Peer pressure

Well, it’s a blatant truth that dating during teenage is more about ‘wanting’ to be the perfect couple which your friends could give example of and less about actually caring what you want. When you have a popular social life, you start concerning about having a partner who is ‘cool’ to your friends. It’s a fact that peer pressure can sabotage a relationship; their opinion about your choice of partner could land you in big trouble. You must understand that as much as your friends could be encouraged by the urge to protect you, they could also show their denial out of jealousy (which is common to inhabit in an immature phase).


Young age dating involves one thing and that is – young age. There’s no shame in admitting that you are way less mature to handle your relationship like adults. But you must not be blind about everything your partner has to do. You might not feel it but in some relationships manipulation plays a very big role where either one of the partners is getting used for money or sexual favors or something bizarre. Don’t just shut off yourself from reality. Try and crosscheck if situations ask for. Sounds mean? No! It is better to be intelligent sometimes rather than regret later. (Think! Think! Think!)

Sexual Experiments

You are in the throes of adolescence and more likely to be moody, private and difficult. When you’re entering puberty, sexual experimentation is the most common desire of teenagers. This is equally a very confusing time. The national data shows almost 70% of boys and 50% of girls have had intercourse or oral sex during high school which indicates the curiosity for sexual activities is on a high note. Although this is very normal (given how hormones play their parts), we need to be aware of all the negative outcomes too. Most teenagers ignore safety issues and land up in trouble. It is very necessary to be aware of all the contraceptive methods for prevention from untimely pregnancy or Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs). Also, experimenting with postures on bed is a common aspect which too requires knowledge as the lack of it could lead to breakage of the penile bone or internal bleeding in the uterus.

It is not that dating during teenage is full of miseries. Just that it’s difficult. If you are ready to open doors for your feelings, you must keep every little factor in mind for its longevity.

After all,

“Prevention is better than Cure.”


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