What are the responsibilities of a patriot?

If we ask who a patriot is, we might get various answers. Some might say that a person ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation is a real patriot some might find the people working selflessly for the nation to be more patriotic.

Patriotism is a feel that empowers the country both physically and emotionally and the sign of a patriot is the will to be a good citizen. A good citizen with a high standard of morale is an asset to the nation. Patriotism is an inbuilt quality of a responsible citizen.


The responsibilities of a patriot towards his nation include:

Being proud of the nation : we should take pride in the development of the country and encourage the efforts put in for better outputs.

Paying respect towards the national emblem, flag and other symbolisms : We should be respectful towards the national symbols. There is a protocol set in the constitution which should be followed. The national flag should not be disrespected it has specific time and ways to be hoisted they should be followed, it should in no circumstances be burnt, worn and stepped upon, the plastic flags and paper flags used during the national festivals should be properly treated after use. Same with the emblem and anthem, they should be used cautiously and should not be used for commercial purposes.

Civic sense : It is the responsibility of all the citizens and residents of the nation to follow the rules and regulation to maintain the law and order so that no one is adversely affected.

Honoring Rights and duties : Our national constitution has empowered us with the fundamental rights that make us able to live better in the society enabling us to enjoy living with freedom and protected and demands certain fundamental duties which a citizen should practice to the best of his ability.
Onus towards the protection of public property and national heritage: our country has a vast culture and archeological artifacts that makes our nation rich with heritage sites. Also our Government ensures facilities for its citizen and make us enjoy the parks and tourist spots and a state of art infrastructure whether it’s about the bus depots, railway stations or airport. It is the moral duty of the

Safeguarding the nation’s wealth and mineral resources : We are rich in mineral resources and sculptures which are of high values in the international market it’s our duty to safeguard the same and also use mineral resources wisely.

Safeguarding the nation against any form of evil and threat : It is the duty of the citizen and every common man to be alert and vigilant about the nation’s security and safety against any kind of external threat whether it’s financial, social or in any other form that may affect the nation as a whole. There are many anti social elements that disgrace the respectability of the nation. A few of them tarnish the name by involving in crime, many by misguiding the youth politically. The rest might be present during the republic day and Independence Day flag hoisting and might just show gratitude towards the country by singing the national anthem and patriotic songs.

For our youngsters, it is important to understand the civic responsibilities, in order to be a patriot s/he should first become a good citizen. In addition to this, positioning oneself properly in the local and central administration system is required, so as to avail the services offered by the nation. Being dutiful will lead you to enjoy the rights so one should perform duty to the best of his ability. Services offered to him by the nation are not favors but a citizen’s right. He should not waste the opportunities given to him in any form. These opportunities are the base for the nation building and its growth. If the people do not consider the services, administrative procedures of the nation as important, then in turn they too do not have the right to claim that they are important to the nation.

The youngster should bring forth the short comings of the social system (no matter however small it is) to the concerned authority and try to rectify it either by initiating it through the administrative channels or with the help of like-minded people. He should also understand the administrative system, jurisdiction under which the activities are controlled. The citizen should be aware and educated. Before demanding his rights from the Government, one should ensure his eligibility for the right. S/he should also plan his activities well in advance, so as to avoid waste of money and time. He should ensure that any law and order issue is his vicinity is cleared in a justified manner. Youngsters should act wisely and take responsibility as a citizen of the nation. Every one of us have a patriot hidden in us and we should discover it and take part actively in various events and activities conducted by civic authorities or welfare authorities and make some worthwhile contributions.

There is no such category as a patriot or a common man. Even if a common man contributes a small part in making India a better place to live in, it means that the person is patriotic in his own way. One does not need to have a tattoo of a patriot or wear tricolour in order to show patriotism towards the nation. The fact is we all can contribute even in the smallest way to show that we are responsible for the deeds that affect our nation. We are all blessed to be Indians, the nation that stands out in various ways, the integrity, the rich culture and the lush resources make our country not only unique but also distinct from many. On one hand we have the snow capped mountains, on the other we have the dry deserts; on one side we have plateaus and plains on the other we have the sea beaches, we should take honor that our country is not only beautiful but also is strong that it survived multiple invasions and yet survived against all the odds. We should take pride to be born is such a great place. Jai Hind!

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