What does the young India really want?

In the midst of promises of development and growth, In the midst of duties and votes,  The government really needs to listen, What the young India wants?

Each day we come across a headline that talks about the government policy that got sanctioned, or during elections the promises that we put forth us based on which we cast our votes. It is true that it is tough to convince and fulfil each and every expectation of each individual, however, we tried to find out what the young India really want on a broader perspective. So here is what we young Indians want :

1. We all Want To be heard – While social media is one of the few places where youth raise their voices we believe that it is hardly heard. Youth are pressurized,stressed and face anxiety and hence we seriously need our voices to get heard. Whether it is our protest against violence, caste discrimination or any social issue or our personal problems, we wish to be heard by society and by individuals.

2. Break away the stereotype – Whether we are Transgenders, or bisexual, whether we belong to community A or B, no matter what our gender is, what our complexion or size of the body is, it doesn’t matter what our social-economical background is, we want freedom from stereotyping.

3. We want Opportunities – We won’t think twice in working harder thrice of what we are doing, if we are awarded with best opportunities of growth in the country. We seek for opportunities, that are equally provided to us based on our capabilities.

4. Safety and security – I desire to roam around on the streets safely knowing that laws are by my side, I want to express my views without being feared of threatened. It doesn’t matter whether I am a girl or a boy, the safety of each youth residing in this country stands to be important because ultimately we are the future of this country.

5. A better education system – An education system that fills them with propounding knowledge instead of merely mugged up answer. An education that is practical, attainable and most importantly lovable, moreover, where 99.9% doesn’t prove that your IQ is higher than anybody scoring below that. We need an education system that helps in overall development instead of merely getting a job.

6. Leader to look upon – Our country lacks leaders and leadership qualities. We, the young generation needs role models, who would inspire us not just from a professional point of view but also as an individual.

7. To be taken seriously – The way our generation is portrayed in the movie has in a way generalize us. Not everyone is a smoker, not everyone is addicted to drugs. Not each one of goes out in the club and most of us are actually serious about our career. We wish to be taken seriously without sensationalism.

Our generation is hardworking, impulsive, impatient but practical. We wish society to be broadened and accept each one us with our own flaws. We don’t want us to step back, fearing what if someone judge us. We believe in being the change that we want to see and we are making every attempt to get what we wish to get from the country.


  1. The demands of young India are not something unearthly or out of the world. We are just looking at an environment where we are not afraid of security, financially and otherwise. We want someone to approach to in case we feel unheard. We want a fair housing, electricity, work opportunities and effective law and order. We are also looking forward to the eradication of poverty and cleanliness is our prime agenda.


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