What does the youth do in their free time

A lot of things have changed, if you ask me, from the last generation to this one. But the most fun thing that we have seen changing is how the people of today’s generation while away their time when they have nothing to do, or rather have a lot of free time.

Exploit the technology We start from rising late because, well, we like it and then we become the tech leeches. We stick to things and not leave them till eternity. We get stuck to the internet, the phone, even fiddling with the digital clock seems of great pleasure at this point. We trip on technology and we strive to get better at fiddling with it. We watch movies, do experiments, try new things with the laptop and the android device and then we just get bored and move on to the next thing.

Couch Potato if you ask us what is our favorite position, it might as well just be a couch potato, we can lay on that thing for hours and then we might read, sip coffee, watch a movie but we will not move our tooshie. And, we watch sports like a hawk watching its prey. We read like we are hungry for literature and gorge on some 5 movies per day. The appetite is quite huge when it comes to books and cinema.

Party scenes We are dead during the day, but we are hyperactive in the night and man, we like to party! We will go anywhere, literally, whichever is the first place that comes to our mind, but we will end up sleeping on the floor in some friend’s house. We sing, we dance, we chill, we drink. We go crazy and if you really need to know how to let your hair loose, go party with someone of this generation and you will know what you have been missing out on in life.

Impromptu travelling We come up with random plans of driving for some 200 kilometers only because we felt like doing so, it quenches our thirst for adventure and being impulsive. We like travelling, we like meeting new people, we like getting a different feel from different places. If given a choice, we would live like the nomads.

Creative streak – We all are incredibly gifted, we write, we sing, we strum and sometimes we paint. We want to add to the world, in a way that is beyond explanation, but we all want to see the beauty of the world, get inspired by it and then make our own version of it. We get inspired by artists and we have a lifetime liaison with all things beautiful.

Pet the pet We love animals, do not take this lightly, we actually love them. We pet them, feed them, sleep with them, play with and if somebody raises a voice at them, we go mad. Pets are more like our siblings, sometimes they are even dearer than our siblings. If you want to see how loving and caring we can be, watch our talking to our pets.

Come up with trolls This is rather new but we love trolling things and people all the time, PJs crack us up and a perfect picture along with it can send us into a laughing fit. We appreciate a good sense of humor and we make sure it spreads like fire on the internet. We can live on 9gag, and AIB is bookmarked on our browsers.

The youth is the most fun part of one’s life and this particular generation is not willing to let anything of it go to waste. We are making the most of every second!


  1. Youth is a span of age to learn and grow. In this order, it is necessary that the young gen is aware enough to make the most of their time. If you have any free time, you can simply utilise it for self-improvement. Reading, writing, travelling, writing etc are a few of the things that one can stick to. Best part is that these can pay you as well!


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