What does young India thinks about entrepreneurship?

Stand-up, start-up! Lately when the Indian Prime Minister came up with the above one liner, entire entrepreneurship world took the same handily with great hopes. The government is ready to invest and promote the start ups and this came as a big relief to young people with ignited ideas. The funding has always been an issue for major of them and with this; the flourishing market is set to witness the revolutionary steps.

Starting the note on a positive point, have we ever wondered what does the young India thinks about the entrepreneurship? The ideas which take the face of a profession steadily have actually made a difference to the world but let me take you on a ride where we understand that how we, the young people, take this idea of entrepreneurship?

Risk Factor

The risk and the challenges are the inevitable substances of any new start-up. The success rate is quite low and the probability to fail is quite high. It is this risk factor that fascinates youth more and more. We people are open to challenges and want to take up uneasy tasks in hand. Young India accepts the life which we earn out of scaling the heights and that is what makes Indian future secure and substantial in the right hands.

Security and stability

The motivation behind desire to achieve the destination is the security on all fronts. If achieved what we desire, we are subjected to permanent stable life. Young India takes entrepreneurship as a medium to attain the job and monetary security. The risks which are taken up in the initial days pay back as heavy returns in business, later. Thus, the stable life with a secure income is why entrepreneurship is the new cool!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

The passion and the compassion, to be the best and to make the money out of what you love brings youth more closer to entrepreneurship. It is often believed that this is the time where the investment is done in all the fields, be it time or money. But the best part of all is that you are your own boss. This is how youngsters see entrepreneurship. This lends responsible attitude and the efficiency is multiplied many times. No wonder why jobs seeking people are turning to start-ups.

Come on, it’s fun!

Whenever a new trend hits the market, its success is determined by how the working class of any country takes it. Do they enjoy the pleasure of the same and are they taking it handily? Entrepreneurship is one such trend which has a wide adaptation. Youth know no fears and this fearless behavior is where we derive the fun from. The success one attains after making the best of the life as it comes is something that is earned. This earning is actually ‘fun’.

Summing up the ideas and the details, one thing is sure. As and when the technical evolution takes a further step, we are going to see some real revolutionary ideas that have the power to change the world over the course of the time. We, the youth of India, are certainly going to take this entire concept to a whole new level. We can and WE WILL!


  1. Young India is never afraid of taking a risk and trying the taste of new things every now and then. On a hand, we plan to bring a revolution with our electrifying ideas while, on the other, we need a financial security as well. It is just one point which has never let many could-have-been great entrepreneurs stand out of the crowd. It mars their spirit of walking out of the comfort zone. However, the scene is changing and we are witnessing many good entrepreneurs.


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