What does young India want from the new government?

With Modi government in the power for over an year by now and Prime Minister setting the agendas in front of the government for the consecutive second time; good things have started to come up. Amidst this goodness and with the claim of ‘acche din’, the youth of the country has certain aspirations too. The enthusiasm and the air of hope the nation had on the day of poll results on May of 16th, 2015 was just a mesmerizing scene to look at. It appeared if it was decided for Narendra Modi to become PM and the formality was just left with statistics. But what does young India want from the new government? Take a look!

Young India

Jobs and economic development

With the rate of the educated unemployed taking a toll and posing a challenge to the previous government, this topic raised up the heat at the government meeting tables every time. The young India is skilled, prepared and educated to lead the nation from the front and all what it asks for is the economic support of the nation’s government. A fair economy will foster the entrepreneurship opportunities and raise the demand of man power. Thus, the right economic steps marching towards the stable economy are what we all look ahead to!


The idea of jobs and a stable economy is incomplete without the right person to lead. To get the skilled manpower and educated youth, which is industry ready, we need to impart the right education to them. This can be taken care of by the education policies. Correct scholarship schemes, accurate implementation of a new reservation policy and formulation of the strategy in a manner to give away the equal opportunities to everyone in the house is what young India wants from you, Mr Prime Minister.

Corruption Free India

The nation is to be handled by the same youth which is forced to give away the bribes to the corrupt leaders and officials. We all can imagine their fate tomorrow, when they reach out there to handle India. Youth is a phase where the experiences and the incidents are reported to have many long term impacts on the mind of any individual. To assure the nation’s destiny in the right hands, it is completely necessary to eradicate the corruption out of the scene. This was one of the prime agendas at the time of elections in 2014 and we all are waiting for the visionary steps being taken upon this in near future.


The idea of ‘Acche din’ is incomplete without the good governance. No person can progress in a biased environment. We, the youth of this nation, have hardly anything against the political leaders provided they treat us all unbiased. We may not want to see our elected representatives to be at our doorstep every now and then, but then we want them to work, perform and deliver the results. We are afraid of being in any government office and it is this fear what we want our government to eliminate for us.

Is it too much to ask for?


  1. Young India hopes to live in a nation which offers it an opportunity to grow at par with its talent and the hard work. The young Indians are never afraid to work hard to are not afraid of the competition. But what we actually want is a fair procedure. An environment where we can get the files sanctioned without any bribes, a place where there is no partiality and all the rights are served equally to each and every citizen.


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