Why do Young Indians Hate Politics ?

Politics is a word whose meaning has changed over the time in our country and it has only become darker and dingier. The youth has started developing a dislike for politics because they see people treating it like a game. The politicians seem more interested in the power and status than in their duties and responsibilities. Also, according to the citizens the politicians often fail on various levels to provide whatever they had promised for. It starts on a very low level when they are contesting in the elections and they go from one area to another while campaigning. But after winning, neither do they fulfill their promises and nor do they show their face again in their constituency. This repeated act of promising and then disappearing has brought a bad name to the Indian politics.

Unavailability of politicians – Whenever the youth tries to approach someone who has higher authority or when they want to get something done, the government officials are missing and this creates a hassle for the general public. The public servants are actually never available for the public and they fail to fulfill their duty almost every time they are required to perform it.

Lack of transparency – The youth feels cheated because none of the actions of the government make sense to them. The important facts are hidden and the inaction of the government leads to the frustration of the youth. The youth, unlike the other generations, needs to have a better picture of what is happening in their country, they want to take responsibility, but they fail to do so because of the lack of communication from the government’s side.

Corruption – Innumerable scams which see the light of day and the other scams which never come out of the darkness show how the government has cheated the public of the country. Corruption is one thing which has embedded hatred in the minds of citizens towards the politicians. The citizens feel cheated and they feel that their hard earned money is going into the pockets of the corrupt.

The outlook towards the government officials – People don’t have a very good impression of the government officials. Most of them do not come across as pleasant, educated people and they often fail to show courtesy towards the general public of the country. Looking at the Parliament sessions, talking to them otherwise, and getting to hear the news about their behavior, forces the youth to develop a dislike towards politics and people involved in it.

The status of the country – Living in the 20th century and failing to be able to move around freely, to be able to watch what they want to and to be able to live in a country which has a proper set of rules and regulations is something which shows how effective, or rather ineffective the Indian politics has proved to be. The country instead of becoming progressive, is becoming regressive by the day. The youth finds it suffocating to live in such an environment and this is why youth has taken to rebellion and develop a hatred towards politics.

Politics was essentially a term independent of the people attached to it but lately it has become nothing but that. Indian politics is at its lowest and to be able to see a progressive India we need some major reshuffling. The youth would want to become a part of the system to change the system, but the idea of having to spend so much time with people who have been cheating the public for so long doesn’t seem very welcoming. That is why the youth has maintained its distance from politics and indulged in other meaningful activities.

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  1. Young India never hated the politics. We are just against our politicians. The malpractices used in the elections, distribution of the alcohol and money on poll eve, presentation of the capital and power at various occasions, corruption and many more. Such inefficient people are in the top and ultimately, nation fails. I feel, it is in our own hands to improve this condition. For you to acknowledge this, guess who elects the leaders?


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